Good level 4 agent for

Looking for a good level 4 agent that isn’t going to screw up my standings with Caldari, Gallente, or Gurista. (Or as MINIMAL as possible)
Does anyone have a suggestion for which faction/corporation I should be looking into to minimize my damage to those 3?

I guess the best one would be Amarr? Since they’re friendly to Caldari and don’t completely hate the Gallente?
To bad The Society of Concious Thought doesn’t offer missions :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe Sisters of EVE?

Any agent can bork your standings if you choose missions that are against another faction. The key is to decline any mission that will send you against one. Also, Storyline missions work on derived standings, so those will help and hurt faction standings as well.

EVE Survival will give you some guidance on which missions contain what NPCs, but the rule here is to avoid killing other factions. Do that and you’ll be good and any agent will work.

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First of all, which type of mission? Combat, mining, distribution? If you are just wanting to get good standings with a specific NPC corp, mining missions will never affect your racial standings, and when you get a storyline mission, just turn it down.

Security missions. And I’ve deduced Amarr will have the least horrible effects on those 3 factions.

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amarr is -7 with guristas, that will tank gurista standings, although you might not care thanks to the epic arc.

SoE is far less negative guristas don’t even care about SoE and caldari is only -.25. and then gallente is +8 so that’s a pretty big help.

also lanngisi is the best lv4 hub in highsec


The best solution would be a specific alt for Guristas missions. That spares you a lot of hassle with balancing standings as running missions for Guristas will wreck your standings with Caldari and Gallente.

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Any agent. So long as you skip any empire faction or guristas missions and turn down Storylines, your standings will be untouched. Ideally, pick a system or adjacent systems with multiple level 4 agents so you can switch between them while waiting out the decline timers.

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Any activity that involves killing ships will hurt standings with the faction you are shooting and any mission that improves standing with 1 faction will reduce standings with another - that’s the way the game is designed.

You can minimize the damage by running anomalies and combat sites that need to be scanned down. These won’t pay any loyalty points and you’ll need to look for them outside Caldari space if you want to avoid shooting Guristas.

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Go to the Khanid kingdom. I faced more blood raiders, angels, amd sansha there.

Or try to find a spot with multiple agents in easy reach. Then if youbhave to skip one, you can try another agent whike waiting out the first timer.

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Ya I’m trying to stay away from SOE cause it’s too populated for me.

Gurista standing wasn’t that important.

Thanks everyone for your help and input.
On a side note, does anyone know if you train diplomacy to 5… if you extract it all can you train it to 5 again to reap the bonus again?

You can try :

Isseras (0.56) - 2 lvl4 Nurtura agents (Amarr LP in Caldari space), LP between 1800-3000 isk/lp, currently spiked to 4600

Amygnon (0.63) - 2 lvl4 Garuon Investment Bank agents (Gallente), LP between 1500-2500 isk/lp, currently at 2000

Altrinur (0.76) - 1 lvl4 Thukker mix agent (Thukker LP, Minmatar space), LP between 1800-3200 isk/lp, currently at 2300

Just don’t take missions against any of the major 4 empires, if it drops you can always train diplomacy to raise it, just train as needed, however once your at 5 It kinda doesn’t fix it anymore.

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system sec is pretty high, going to drop the lp rewards by a fairly large margin. I doubt the LP will trade high enough to make up for the loss in LP/hr and you will be able to find better agents.

Can also try Aliastra they have an agent in Siyi a 0.5 in tash-murkon. fed navy webs and a bunch of other fed navy shinies that trade well. but that’s gallente so will hit your caldari standings.

the old relationship table

combine it with 'the plan’

and you should be able to mission whilst maintaining reasonable standings with the desired factions

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Kitty Bear is correct, using a Faction Standing Relationship graph in conjunction with certain steps outlined in ‘The Plan’ will definitely help maintain and or increase standings with specific Factions.

However, the New Eden standing relationship graph is incorrect. You can tell by looking at Thukker Tribe standing relationship with the other Factions. It shows Thukker as being positive with Angel, Serpentis and The Syndicate which is incorrect.

This EVE-wiki standing relationship graph is correct It shows Thukker positive only with Jove and the Minmatar which is correct.

Any questions or comments pertaining to ‘The Plan’ can be posted here in this forum thread:


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