Managing Standings

I am doing missions for the Gallente but this is hurting my standings with Caldari space. Is there any way to increase standings with all major factions at the same time?

How do you better manage your standings to access everybody’s level 4 and 5 missions?


The following plan can be used to raise all standings, not just repair… the main thing to remember though is always turn down missions against the other factions as you’ll receive standings losses for making their ships go boom!


High standings with all factions can be achieved by industrial characters but is unrealistic for mission runners. If you shoot at people or work for their enemy - they aren’t going to like you!

There are ways to minimize the damage. You can decline missions against empire factions and also decline storyline missions. You’ll need several agents in close proximity to make this work - for example, Brutor Tribe has 7 level 4 security agents in Heimatar highsec that are reasonable close to each other - if you have good standings with Gallente you’ll have good standings with Minmatar as well.

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And by Industrial you mean Mining and R&D Agents.

Keep doing lvl4s in high sec. Do NOT do the mailed ‘i got something important’ missions as they wreck your standings beyond any repair. You can repair the 4 main factions make sure to have more than -2.0. The standing repsir plan works great but takes forever with a three week respawn time. Its a complex mess and you will probably ruin your first character learning. Just dont repeat same mistakes with alt.

By industry I mean resource harvesting, manufacturing, research and markets - building and selling stuff for PVP players to blow up.

Normal missions will not impact your faction standings (except ship kill) . The storyline missions give you the faction boost - and loss. The SOE Epic Arc can be run every 90 days and gives an 8% (+/- depending on social skills) standing boost with the empire faction of your choice and no standing loss with their opponent.

Another option would be to run level 4 missions for SOE in Apanake, Lanngisi or Osmon. The LP is more valuable and the derived standings loss a lot smaller. You’ll still take a hit for ship kill if you accept missions against empire factions.

If you need a quick fix the data center agents will let you buy standing but you can only talk to them once.


With repeated runs of the 4 lvl4 epic arcs and the SoE epic arc (where you can chose the faction), you eventually can get all factions above 5. But this takes a lot of time as you have a cooldown of three month per arc.


Hello guys, have a good trip and good filoteo A little question I would like to know how I can go back to take a mission with an agent if the mission is dekline is that what happened to me was that I declined the mission because it was bugged and now I want to return to take and I can not tell me that he has no missions for me, they help me 116fa67f6be4ac3729e107e2289b4bed

It would help if we knew what agent you’re referring to.

If it’s a regular agent, training up Connections skill will raise your standings and unlock that agent. Their missions are randomly offered from a specific pool of missions for that type of Agent so it may take some time before the same mission is offered again.

If it’s a Career Agent, CCP will usually reset the Agents mission so you can complete it. You will have to file a support ticket:
Type = Game Play Support
Category = Stuck = Stuck Character

If it’s an Event Agent such as a Cosmos Agent or a Data Center Agent, when you decline, quit, fail or let their mission offer expire, that Agent is no longer available.

Hope this helps and good luck to you.

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Once you decline a mission from an agent that only offers it once, you cannot go back and re-accept.

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I have another situation, what happens is that, for example, I have the suggested missions that are 0 of 20 and it turns out that I can not do 20 of 20 because the last two I finish them and I do not allow them to count the system, so I have 18 20 forever

That’s the dangers and risk of declining a mission.

You can try petitioning using a support ticket to reset the mission though. Depending on the mission agent, it might work

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No, but the problem happened to my wife who declined the mission and now I can not take it again, but what happens to me is different, I already finished it, I should have 20 of 20 but I only have 18 and 20

If you finished it, it wouldn’t be showing up as 20/20 to begin with. Are you sure you finished it? Are you sure you’re looking at the same agent?

I already wrote the ticket to cpp and by that they solved my problem immediately thank you very much, and yes I already search for solution…

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