Relations with factions

Hello everyone,

I have been doing SOE missions to get the level 5 missions.

I have always saw the little pop up saying that the standing with a “certain faction” has decreased.

Well, i noticed that i took a major hit with Galllent Federation (-1,7) and with criminal factions as Sansha Nation ( -3.51).

I’m afraid of doing more missions as i don’t want the standings to go below -5,00.

However i know players that do SOE lvl 4 missions everyday. Plus combat sites and others.

How can i increase back standing with another faction? How do player avoid the -5,00 limit when doing missions all the time?

Thank you for your patience!

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SOE epic arch, gallente cosmos missions etc… Google standings repair plan to get an idea.


Don’t worry about standings with pirate factions. They’re basically irrelevant in Empire space. You can decline missions that require shooting empire factions - you won’t lose standing if you don’t shoot them! It helps to have a few agents you can do business with - declining more than 1 mission in a 4 hour period will cost you standing with the agent.

Easy way to repair standing as a new player is the SOE Epic Arc which will give you roughly 8% standing boost for the empire faction of your choice with no derived loss - depending on social skills. You can run the Arc every 90 days.

The career missions will give you roughly 7.5% standing boost - you can only run missions for a given agent once but each faction has 3 sets of agents.

Edit: the standings boost is a percentage of the difference between your current standing and +10. Important to realize this. The law of diminishing returns will apply as your standings improve.


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