Gallente rep raising

So I have -2.6 rep with the Gallente Federation and I’m wondering what’s the quickest way to raise the rep?

I’ve been doing level 1 security/distribution missions but the random mission that effects Gallente standing are few and far between. I tried Cosmos missions but those are limited and give little reputation with my skills. I’m also losing rep with Amarr and Caldari slowly which I don’t want either.

Is there a faster/better way? Or am I stuck with the grind? I gotta go to bed so I’ll read the responses tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Also training diplomacy and connections up now.

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Check out DMC’s fantastic guide:


There is a 3 rokkie systems , where you can do 10 missions runs for tutorial agents. Each 10 mission will raise your standings and no mission will require you to kill opposite faction ships. Easier and more quick , IMHO, way how to fix standings, than any cosmos what ever chained missions. If you also run 3 minmatar tutorial missions hubs, you will get standings with gallente too.


The only way to raise specific faction standing without negatively affecting the other factions is by doing the SOE Epic Arc. It can only be done once every 90 days.

Any regular combat or storyline mission you do for any agent is going to negatively affect another corp or faction.

Long story short, it’s no simple task staying positive with every faction and corporation.


@Eternal_Montage posted the most efficient way to raise Faction standings. ‘The Plan’ can be customized to fit each players own specific situation. With proper planning and due diligence, the various steps outlined in it can be completed quickly and easily.

First things first, if you want to keep from getting negative standing hits, decline all combat missions against Empire Factions, only accept combat missions against Pirate Factions.

Storyline mission offers can be declined or ignored with no penalty incurred. Now if you want to do those mission offers, then it’s best to do ‘round-about’ mission runs (16 + Storyline) with each of the various Empire Factions to help keep their standings more equal.

Definitely train up Social, Connections and Diplomacy skills. Also might as well train up Negotiation and Fast Talk too. And if you’re interested in obtaining items from Loyalty Points Stores, then train up the LP skills associated with each Agent Division.

Social will increase amount of standing gained for completing missions.
Connections will increase your current positive standings.
Diplomacy will raise your current negative standings.
Negotiation will increase amount of mission reward payments.
Fast Talk will raise amount of security status gained for destroying Bounty NPC’s.
Security, Distribution and Mining Connections will increase amount of Loyalty Points gained for completing missions associated with those Agent Divisions.

By working ‘The Plan’, I currently have positive standings with 13 Empire Factions, the 4 main Empire Factions are just shy of being +8.00 standing and only the Pirate Factions are negative.


Thank you for your responses everyone. Ill give the rep repair plan a try.

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what’s your SoE standings? SoE storyline missions give pretty big gallente boosts, with minimal amarr/caldari losses that’s how I fixed my standings.

Or just train diplomacy, not sure how much it will boost you up exactly but I’d guess it would get you at least over -2 assuming you don’t already have it trained.


6.9 I believe

Yeah just do SoE missions then, SoE and Gallente are 8 8 to each other. Plus, as others have said, ensure you have Social/Connections/Diplomacy trained up as high as possible.

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Went from -2.6 to -1.5 from one level of Diplomacy. So yeah, progress.

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