Need help with Gallante ratings

I have minus 5.7 ratings in Gallante faction.
Basically this means they shoot at me each time I enter their space.
I only need like +1 rating boost so I can do stuff in their space without getting shot at.

I was told if I join people, doing high level missions for Gallante,I will get that in no time.

What Im asking is only to join you in fleet while your doing your high level Gallante missions, that will auto give me the rating each time you complete the mission and kill enemies of the Gallante.

Can anyone please help?

You can’t share faction standings, you have to do enough missions to get get the storyline missions (every 16 missions) in order to raise your faction standings. Or go do the Sisters of Eve arc and choose the Gallente option when you choose what faction you want to increase standings for.


Not sure what that means.
Back when I got my negative standings with the Gallante was because I was doing level 4,5 missions for Caldari which earned me higher Caldari rating and lower Gallante and minmater ratings…

But I played long ago so maybe it was changed.

Anyhow since no one offer to help I found out you can do also Minmater Carrer missions will give me enought standing to get on the Galannte positive side and stop shooting me hopefully…

There is a guy who sell a service for that. @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras

Also, doing missions for Servant Sisters of Eve faction gives good derived standings to Gallente.

Ty @Suki_Vokkonen .

@Darkdarcek reach out to united standings improvement agency and we can help you with faction standings.

United Standings Improvement Agency. Discord

Yea I know im working on that now.
Problem is that about 1/3 of the way I was sent to Gallante space to do missions…
I lost like 10 million ISK from Gallante Navy blowing up my ships.(I know its not much for some but for me it was)
I then found United Standings Improvement Agency
They offered to help me at first for 650 Million ISK :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:
I xplained that I though the service was Gratis, was about to leave when they said I should stay and they will figure out another way of helping me.
In the end the solution was easy.
Because I was only needing few standing points for the Gallante to stop shooting me (Minus 5.7 where minus 5 is when they start shooting at you) All I had to do was 2 Career agents for the Minmater.
Since they work with Gallante improving their standings also improves Gallante one.
Now Im out of the mess with minus 4.6 and can proceed with the sister arc.


You can. But only from epics


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