Having a slight issue

I’m working on lai dai rep to unlock research agents, but it seems all the missions after the first 4 are reducing my gallente rep.
None of the guides i’ve read say anything about this. If I do missions for gallente, will my lai dai rep go down?

if you are doing storyline missions, or missions against gallente then yes, you will get negative standings with gallente.

if you wanna raise them up, without dealing with any negative recourse…

we can do that for you.

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That is a normal ocurence with standings. If you gain standings with Caldari State, you lose standing with Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic because those groups are hostile towards each other. You can avoid that by not running storyline missions.

You gain derived standings for Amarr/Caldari if you run storyline missions for either and lose derived standing for Gallente/Minmatar. And you gain derived standings for Gallente/Minmatar if you run storylines for either and lose derived standings for Amarr/Caldari.

Your standing with Lai Dai will not suffer if you run missions for Gallente Federation, only your Caldari State standing will suffer. It is, however, possible to lose access to certain mission levels if your State standing falls too low. Individual NPC corp standings are not impacted by Faction standings.

If you do not want to use the USIA service, I would suggest the following to you:

Poteque Pharmaceuticals - Agents - DOTLAN :: EveMaps Use the L1 Poteque distribution agents in Otosela to run 16 L1 distro missions to get a storyline to compensate standing losses after a storyline mission for Caldari State. That way, you can keep your Gallente standing from dropping too low and you don’t impact your Caldari State standing too much. The good thing about Poteque is that it has a storyline agent in the same station, which ensures that you get a Gallente storyline in the same place where you run your L1 distro missions. It’s quite convenient.


In addition to zhaked’s excellent answer, Soe epic arc can help offset standing losses with gallente. Social skills can also help you reach desired standings faster, thereby reducing standings hits.