Cannot Increase Gallente Standing

My standing with Gallente has been stuck at 2.95 for what seems like forever. I have been running missions like crazy and the standing just never changes. It’s making me crazy. Does anyone know where to go and what to do to increase my standings with the Gallente?

My last increase was November 11th, 2018 for +0.188 for completing the mission “A Case of Kidnapping”.

It would be so nice to right click a faction and select “Heal” and then get increased standings at a fixed rate over a period of time.

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Faction standing is only increased when you run storyline missions. Regular missions only grant agent and corporation standing. You get a storyline for every 16 regular missions.

You can earn about 8% Gallente faction standing (depending on social skills) by running the SOE Epic Arc The Blood-Stained Stars - EVE University Wiki

There are other options depending what you are trying to achieve:


I read “The Plan” a few weeks ago and found it very complex.

I already did the SOE Epic Arc “The Blood-Stained Stars”. Can I do it again?

Is there anywhere that shows me how many regular missions I have run? Because it seems like I have been running regular missions endlessly and I never get a storyline mission.

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When you do enough normal missions a storyline agent contacts you with an offer (you’ll see him in the list of agents on any station and you’ll have to fly to him to accept mission). If you do not accept it - it’ll expire in a week, if you decline it - you’ll have to do another set of 16 normal missions.


Like most of EVE, this is accurate :slight_smile:

You can re-do it every 3 months.

These missions run need to be for the same corp, so if you are hopping around to different agents for different corps, your counter will be running for all of them.

One minor thing to add, and this is why reading The Plan is very helpful, is that the Storyline missions use what is called Derrived Standing. Each one that you run will improve your standing with the faction and its ally, but decrease your standing with the opposing faction and its ally. It’s possible to strike a balance, but do be careful about keeping an eye on this, lest you horribly tank your standings with one faction or another.


Excellent. Thank you for the help. I will just keep running missions for the same agent until I get a story line. Seems so funny to me that in a complex game like EVE, there’s no progress bar to display progress to the next story line mission. lol.

I did read The Plan but so much of it seemed geared towards those who have really messed up their standings and have to use extreme measures to get back to normal. So far, I have managed to avoid that. Probably because I just don’t play as much as others do.

Again, thank you for the help! :grinning:

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note: it is possible to tank one’s standing with ALL factions if you do missions mindlessly. Every mission that involves engaging in combat with NPC ship of another faction WILL decrease standings with that faction (there are some mission-specific exceptions). So if you run Gallente missions and get a mission against Caldari State - be warned that it WILL affect your standings toward Caldari negatively which may have some undesirable complications.


Indeed! That is exactly what I was doing! I was running missions for Caldari and after a while I noticed my Gallente standing was getting dangerously low…and they’re supposed to be my people! So, I did a web search, read “The Plan”, and started running missions for Gallente in an attempt to increase my standings. And here I am.

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Be warned (again) that storyline missions can be against 4 major factions as well. With same side-effect.


Thank you.

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In addition to the SOE Epic Arc you there are 3 sets of career agents for Gallente - each will give you roughly 7.5% faction standing increase. You can also run the Minmatar career agents which will give a nice derived standing boost to Gallente.

The interactions tab tracks your missions but it’s poorly organized - look at the corporation (or agent) you are using and it will show a list of recent missions.

You don’t need to run missions for the same agent or corporation as long as they belong to the Gallente Federation. The 16 missions do need to be the same level - 16 level 1 missions, you’ll be offered a level 1 storyline.

If you train Social & Connections to level 4, run the SOE Arc and all 3 sets of career agents you should end up with +3 faction standing with Gallente. Find a good level 3 distribution agent with a nearby Storyline agent (I used Brens Devalon in Scuelazyns) - it won’t take long to get +5 for level 4 missions if that’s your goal.


Really? I didn’t think they were cumulative like that.


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I spent a while running level 4 distribution missions in Everyshore (there are a lot of agents, including a SOE agent in Gicodel). Anytime an agent sent me to lowsec, I’d just pick another one. Storyline every 16 missions - killed my Caldari standing! Made a fortune buying faction BPC’s at the LP store and selling the modules.


This is some good information! Thanks!

Every 16 missions you get a story mission. This is the one that raises your main faction standing. Overall its a horrible grind.

Some things to be aware of while doing it:

  1. Avoid / decline missions vs other empire factions such as Amarr, Caldari, Min, if you do too many of them then your standings against those will take a very big hit, especially if you have to kill their ships. The ship kills rack up negative standings very quickly.

  2. For faster grind you can do distribution missions to get to your 16, hence to the story one. Its crap ISK and its mind numbing, extremely boring, but its relatively quick in comparison with doing just security missions and by default, you don’t have to worry about taking so many negative hits because you won’t be killing ships of empire factions while doing them. To get most of it jsut fit up a Badger or Nereus with 3x T2 Inertial Stabs in lows and 1x Cargo Expander rig and 2x Warp Speed rigs. Carry 3 cargo expanders with you if you are below level 5 on the relevant hull or skills, so you can refit on the spot for some of them.

  3. While doing these, pick missions from corps that will eitehr give you a better ISK / LP, or main Market Hub corp for better taxes etc. Both choices are good. In addition its nice to have Caldari, Gallente etc. Navy standing buffer for those times when you need to blow some of them up and don’t wanna end up with them shooting at you afterwards.

SOE epic arc can be repeated once every 3 months.


‘The Plan’ thread that @Do_Little linked was created specifically to answer questions.

I’m actually very curious about which part of ‘The Plan’ you felt was very complex.

Really ?


Yeah, that’s why it’s called the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’. :wink:

Anyway, all the agents listed in ‘The Plan’ can still be done to boost positive standings.

Can’t really offer any advice without knowing your Empire standings, level of Social skills trained and what part of ‘The Plan’ you’ve already completed.

At +2.95 Gallente standing, you should have access to all level 2 Gallente Agents. Make sure you have Social and Connections skills trained up.

Like @Do_Little said, there’s 3 set’s of 5 Career Agents for each Empire Faction that will give Faction standing increase. The Minmatar Career Agents will also help boost your Gallente standing as well.

Every little bit of Faction standing increase helps at the start so definitely run The Circle Agents. Then there’s the Data Center Agents, Cosmos Agents and Epic Arcs.

Aside from the Epic Arcs, running missions for all those other Event Agents will incur negative standings towards enemy Factions so you’ll need to watch your standings and run their Agents as well in order to stay positive with all main Factions.


Just kidding, man. It is pretty straight forward by EVE standards, but for new people to the game, the whole topic of standings is a fairly complex thing to get your head around. I still point people to your work as the gold standard to understand it all though!


Thanks, I was also kidding around with that remark, with a touch of sarcasm.



Curse those inscrutable emojis! :laughing:

I remember when I first came across The Plan, crawled through the various posts and forum links, read all the references, opened up that spreadsheet, and tried to take it all in. My reactions were pretty much as follows:

  1. WTF?!? This insane.
  2. This game is awesome!
  3. The people who put this much effort into documenting all of this and help people get their heads around it are awesome!

I think The Plan is actually an interesting litmus test to see if people will take to the complexity of EVE- they should make it required reading as part of the NPE (or something).

But seriously, in case I never said it before, thanks for all your work on this and all you’ve done for the game @DeMichael_Crimson.


Thanks, at the time when I created ‘The Plan’, the general consensus was you had to pick a side and just accept the fact that half of Empire space was off-limits. Either that or try to find someone who was running high level enemy Faction missions in your friendly Factions space, fleet up with them and do a lot of grinding to eventually gain access with that Agent.

I was running missions for Thukker Tribe to gain LP’s for their Shield Extenders which was a hot item to sell at that time. However after a while I noticed that the majority of my Faction standings were taking a big hit and would soon make travel in their space unsafe.

Since I needed to go to their Trade Hubs to sell the Shield Extenders, I had to figure out a way to fix the negative Faction standings. 3 months later after ton’s of research and testing it out, I presented ‘The Plan’ to the community in Feb 2010.

Since then it’s been revised 3 times and now pretty much covers everything. When CCP makes some new changes, I’ll revise it again and post it somewhere so players can easily access it as well as allow me to edit it when needed.