Are the standing improving missions too rare?

So i am caldari, i’ve done missions up to standings of 5.51 with Caldari, lovely. I also managed to have standings of negative 1.21 with Gallente. So i flew to gallente space to fix it up, started with missions level 2 worked my way to missions 3, done 1 standing imrpoving mission, then achieved level 4 missions, right now at this point done about 10-15 level 4 missions and still no agent has contacted me for important story mission to fix standings with gallente. Terrible.

So is it bugged or because my standings are not that good they are not coming? How else can i fix my standings?


Paging @DeMichael_Crimson


Storyline missions generate as 1 storyline mission per every 16 missions of the same level done for the same faction, and assign to the nearest storyline agent of that faction (so it could be a security mission even if you ran 16 distribution missions, or vice versa).

Storyline missions are not the only option for repairing faction standings, and in some cases are a bad choice depending on your other standings, as all storyline missions have derived faction standing impacts based on the relationship between the mission faction and the other factions.

Resources for researching your specific best option, based on your play style and current/target faction standings, include:

@DeMichael_Crimson’s FACTION STANDING REPAIR PLAN aka ‘The Plan’

@Archer_en_Tilavine’s Extension to the Faction Standings Repair and Improvement Plan


thanks so once per 16 missions

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Correct - as long as the missions are for the same faction (any corp of that faction counts, you can mix and match) and the same level. If you do both level 3s and 4s, they will count separately toward their respective 16-mission triggers.


As usual, the most important thing to do first is to train up the Diplomacy skill, followed by Connections and Social skill. Those 3 skills are very important for reducing the time invested to repair or boost standings as well as maximize the standing gains.

Mkikaden Tiragen brought up a good point about Storyline missions, in my opinion those should be used as a last resort after doing all the other options currently available. She already linked ‘The Plan’ so you have all the info necessary to easily repair / boost Faction standings quickly.

As for ‘The Plan’ itself, when repairing negative standings or boosting low positive standings, it’s much better to complete all the level 1 Event Agents first. The reason why is because their standing increase is actually very small but when applied to negative or low positive standings, it equates to a rather large increase.

I can’t really say which steps are best to take without knowing your standings and end goal. Other than that, hope you have good luck and much success.


Come speak with us at the USIA, we can raise your Gallente Standings for you, without you having to leave Caldari space. We can also help guide you to which missions in caldari space to avoid to prevent gallente from going negative.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

There is a specific order in which to storyline for factions such that you can, in fact, get them to all be simultaneously positive even though they hate each other. I cannot possibly emphasize enough that order matters. ABABAB and AAABBB will give you different results, as will ABCABCABC and AAABBBCCC. Not only that, but sometimes to raise one faction, you don’t want to raise it directly but would instead use a different faction to raise it instead. For example: with exactly one exception, it is always better to raise Gallente using SOE instead of storylining for Gallente directly. The process is very math centric and potentially tedious, but if you do it right then you can raise and maintain them simultaneously. Definitely hit up the two guides listed above (I authored the second one, which isn’t complete but still has a lot of content). If you need guidance on the order in which to do storylines (which are the only mechanic for boosting faction standings available for any faction at any time without repeat restrictions), head on over to the USIA Discord and we’ll talk you through based on your specific standings at any one given moment. (Advice is always free!)

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