Standings from Storyline Missions

I’ve been looking around for info on this and couldn’t find it on the normal wiki’s.

After you complete 16 regular missions you are offered a storyline mission.

Is that faction standing gain uniform for storyline missions? Say if you complete a lvl 4 mission as your 16th mission, will the storyline mission be a lvl 4 mission? Will it give a bigger standing increase than a lvl 1 storyline mission?

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You only receive storyline missions for the mission level you ran 15-16 missions for. If you run 13 L4 and 3 L1, you should not receive a storyline.

Standing gains are higher in general but it also depends on the missions. Some missions grant you high standing gains while others are not. Mineral deliveries have a lot lower gain percentages than actual combat missions. I have not done L1 missions in a while but it is possible that L1 or L2 combat storylines give more standing than L4 mineral deliveries.

Well the reason I ask is because if you wanted to get faction standings up fast. Which way would be better? Doing 16 lvl 4 missions and getting the storyline mission, or going to say a system with 6-7 Lvl 1 Distribution agents for one corp and doing them all in one lot to get the storyline mission faster?

I would chose the second option. You can complete the L1 distros with frigates or a Blockade Runner and chain them up. You could pack all Distro agents’ packages in 1 BR and receive a storyline every 20-30 minutes. That is a lot quicker than waiting for L4 storylines, even if you only ran Burners.

Another option would be rushing L3 security missions in an Attack Battlecruiser. ABC can run them really well and fast and in the right location you can take several at once and speed up storyline intervals.

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Just don’t forget that you also decrease standings with 2 other empires (gallente/minmatar vs amarr/caldari)

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what I noticed :

  • storyline depend on the kind of mission you made. That is, if you make several distribution, you will have a different pool of storylines than if you make 16 security
  • L1 averages less standing than L2, L2<L3. even when comparing to the time required.
  • basically, what nets the more faction is the storyline for L4 security.

However, distribution missions can be picked more easily and don’t require a ship worth more than 20M. even the L4. They also have the benefit of allowing you to be AFK

As noticed before, some L4 storyline give much less standing than other (material for war preparation gives the less standing but best isk/h ratio, since you just need to haul a miasmos in from time to time )
some L3 also give more standing than other, I think the best is the 5- or 6- mission series one. It also give good isk but requires some time.

It’s a different counter for each level each faction. So you could have up to 20 different empire faction counters running at once.

Honestly, I’ve never relied on storylines to get my faction standings. I’ve always just used COSMOS, at least for Gallente/Minmatar. It would take me about 2 game sessions to get standings up to about 7.0 faction. Your first run through will definitely be a bit rocky, so maybe try it on an alt you don’t care about. And definitely do a bunch of research first. COSMOS are a very different experience from other missions.

edit: and COSMOS give a storyline about every 4 or 5 missions.

yeah thats a little out of my training and ISK level atm

Also, it should be noted that CCP has changed the formula it uses to calculate standing loss with other factions. Other factions mean more than just the two main opposing factions (Amarr/Caldari ,Gallente/Minmatar), meaning you can lose standing with ORE or other factions even when doing storyline missions that would seem to be good for all (deliver medicine, transport needed supplies). The changes are so large that you can now even lose more standing with the opposing factions than you can gain with the faction you are running the mission for atm. This is part of CCP’s plan to make it very difficult to maintain a 5.0+ standing with the big 4 factions, something that in the past was relatively straight forward to do. Now, you have to creatively use the SOE and the 4 level 4 Epic main faction arcs to maintain the 5.0+ standing, since any reguler storyline mission will tank your opposing standing far faster than before. Why doing a storyline mission where you destroy a hated pirate like Blood Raiders would cause a negative standing change with ORE is beyond common sense. My inquiries using the ticket system neted me the multiple responses that everything is “working as intended”.; part of CCP’s plan that you have to choose a side.They had threatened to do this in past Dev blogs, but never announced it afaik. Just a word to the wise.


Ore is an organisation that is held by mordu’s and serpentis.

There is nothing as "good " or “bad” guy in Eve. just a game of power.

I have no information about ORE being controlled by pirates; in fact, several reference pages say that ORE has rebuffed several attempts by different pirate factions trying to muscle in on their asteroid resources. Blood Raiders use blood harvested by killing innocent space capsuleers and others in their religious rituals; this includes ORE capsuleers and their support auxiliary. The BR kill people for the sole reason to gather blood, thereby reducing the markets for Serpentis and other factions to sell their products. You may think that harvesting innocent lives to use their blood in cult rituals is not evil (ha), but reducing market demand for your product surely is. The interaction between all the factions and their standings among each other appear to differ between EVE lore and game results.

Bottom line, CCP should have a logical and understandable faction interaction flow tree. Atm, it’s role-playing window dressing often defies logic and reason. While you may argue that absolute or true Good doesn’t exist in the EVE universe, there is no question ( for most ethical people) that there is indeed true Evil.

I’ve been mucking around and it seems after 16 missions when you take the storyline mission, it doesn’t matter what level missions you were doing, the storyline mission will give the same increase to standings no matter what lvl the other missions were.

So you could just do lvl 1’s if you want the faction increase faster.

You will get a larger percentage increase with higher level storylines but the standing increase is a percentage of the difference between your current standing and the maximum +10 so the law of diminishing returns applies.

Level 3 missions have traditionally been the fastest way to boost standing. The Kidnappers/Guristas Strike storyline will give you a huge standing boost.

Also make sure you complete all 3 sets of career agents and the SOE Epic Arc - they will collectively get you about 30% standing boost.

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Go to where you see your standings. Right click your standings with that faction > show transactions. The number there is what you’re looking for, and as @Do_Little said, it’s a percentage reduction in the difference between current and perfect. If you’re tracking absolute value, it will appear that the missions you do later are worse than the ones you do sooner, which would make it look like higher level missions are worse. Thus, you’ve got to check the actual logs.

That no longer seems to work - at least I can’t find it. The Interactions tab on the character sheet now shows actual value of standings increase/decrease for the last 25 transactions with a graph. As far as I know, the calculation hasn’t changed.

Wow, I’m surprised nobody mentioned ‘The Plan’ for increasing Faction standings.

Granted it’s main purpose is to repair negative Faction standings but in reality it can be used to gain positive Faction standing increase with all Factions. Guess it all depends on how you view and use it.

Course the only Empire Faction standings to worry about are the ones that control high sec systems:

Amarr Empire
Caldari State
Minmatar Republic
Gallente Federation
Khanid Kingdom
Ammatar Mandate
The Interbus
Concord Assembly

A massive upvote for the plan!

Additional information, If you are trying to grind faction standings L1 or L2 give you the fastest access to storyline missions, much faster than L4 but L4 Naturally earn more LP and ISK.

BEWARE faction kill missions are just as destructive (if not more so as there seem to be more of them in low level missions) to your other faction standings. If you care about standings NEVER do faction kill missions you will regret it later…

My current goal is Plus 5 or more with All HS factions, the BIG difficulty Is Thukker, as it seems they Hate Everyone other than minmatar. If you have a tip DMC, epic arcs are helping but if you have a better idea Please share?

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Gaining high standings with Thukker Tribe will be tough and take a long time to achieve without incurring substantial loss with all the other Empire Factions.

I’ve thought a lot about how to gain positive standing with all Factions and have come to the realization that a couple of Factions just can’t be done at this time. First to start with, players will need to build up a very large amount of standing with the main Empire Factions to act as a buffer.

With the help of Pirate Epic Arcs and Cosmos Agents, positive standings can then be gained with most of the Pirate Factions. With a very large amount of Empire Faction standings to act as a buffer, Thukker, Sansha, Angel, Guristas and The Syndicate can all be raised to positive standing. Course players will definitely have to keep watch on Concord Faction to make sure it doesn’t drop to -5.00 or lower standing. Then players can still safely travel through Concord controlled high security systems.

Some older players already have positive standings with Concord so completing all of the Pirate Cosmos Agents and Pirate Epic Arcs should help preserve access to Concord controlled high sec systems. So that leaves Serpentis and Blood Raiders. I believe trying to gain positive standings with those Factions will definitely tank Concord standings.

In reality, only the High Sec Factions really matter, all the other Factions just need to stay above -2.00 standing for access to high level agents via Corp Standing.

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