Storyline = faction mission?

I have been trying to repair my Amar stating and it seems the last 5 storyl ine mission from the same lvl 2 security agent have been ant Gallente missions. The missions offered have all been with distro - but are really security style.

Yes all storyline missions are Faction Missions.

They increase your Faction Standings for the Faction the corporation belongs to, give a significant Corp Standings boosts for that Corporation the agent belongs to.

Storylines depedning on the target(security missions) will lower the Faction Standings fairly quickly of the mission target over time. When it comes to Empire, simply look for the Faction symbol in the mission description before accepting to decide if you want to take it or not.

Repairing Faction standings is better done by not doing the storylines and doing other things like the SOE Epic Arc where you can choose which Empire to receive the Faction Standing reward for. Turning in tags to Faction Data Centers(COSMOS), etc

To repair Amarr standing you can:

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While correct from a strictly technical point of view this statement is none the less inaccurate as the term is generally applied to running missions. “Faction mission” is universally accepted to mean one of those missions where you have to go shoot members of one of the four major factions.

OP not all story line missions require you to shoot members of one of the 4 major factions, if that is the only story line missions you are getting then I suggest relocation to another area and see if a different agent changes your luck.

In my experiences story line missions gained by running distribution mission are more likely to have you shooting members of one of the four major factions than those gained through security agents.

In the past running missions it was very rare that a faction story line mission that would entail major damage standing against the big 4 races.

Oh, there would be minor hits to the big four and associated groups, but large. It just seems for the last 6 months the number of damaging story line missions have reached almost 100%. My sample size is small, just two groups, Amar and Tusker group.

I did do the normal training missions to help boost standing and I will have to run yet again the SOE Epic arc. I have the key social skills to 3 &4. However, doing secondary missions to help offset SOE level 4 is becoming difficult.

This is by design. Standing used to be a lot more important than it is now but it’s received a number of nerfs in recent years. For SOE, there is no advantage to faction standing once you can run level 4 missions - no LP for storylines and no perks for high standing. You can decline them and focus on the regular missions. You will take a standing hit for ship-kill if you accept missions against empire factions. Some people decline those as well.

For SOE, I would work out of Lanngisi instead of Apanake. The Amarr may hate you but the Minmatar will love you! If you need to do business in Amarr space - use an ALT.

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His problem is while he is repair Amarr, the storylines keep giving him missions vs killing a bunch of gallente which is bring a lot more harm to another side of his standings he probably doesn’t want to lose.

Im just waiting for standings to finish becoming 100% pointless, or atleast nolonger restricting to travel since they killed every other reason for them but mission unlocking and travel.

In the past you could offset the periodic mission running in area 1 by running at least 1 or 2 story line missions in the other area. Once you had finished that activity, you could go back to area one. I made sure that I always rejected the major impacting missions when leaning up to the story line big payout. No big issue if I receive a 4 hr time because I declined those type of missions.

Now that there has been a significant increase in normal race base faction story line missions the damage you generate in other areas becomes harder and harder to repair. I am not sure if I can repair high standings in all races without stopping 100% missing running and doing the slow repair jobs of running the arc mission every 6 months.

The impact is not to just SOE, but that is the best payout for mission running when you look at LP for income payout. I rise my standings for the normal tax rate benefits for sales, mfg support and PI.

Storyline missions use to provide a good payout in isk or hardware (implants) that made them fun to run.

I suggest following the advice of Do Little. ‘The Plan’ is still the easiest and quickest way to repair negative Faction standings.

Actually no it is not,
Even the missions where you do not shoot anything increases your Faction Standing for the Empire of that corporation,
and you take a standings hit for the Faction(s) opposed to the Faction you accepted and completed for.

Edit: oh yeah, pirates…from what i heard you just have to get positive with them to permanently destroy your Concord Standings, gl with that one

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