How to do Security missions without destroying standings?

So I have been doing some security missions and just feel like its a total waste of time.

Standings get destroyed even when I try to be picky with what missions I do by following eve survival. And also ignoring story missions.

Previously had to spend 3 days repairing Amarr standings due to 2 hours of SoE level missions that destroying the Amarr standings.

Where am I going wrong? Because I cant imagine it is meant to be this way.

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The SOE Epic Arc is the only way to get positive standing with a specific faction without negatively affecting the other factions.

If you are wanting to gain standing with an NPC corp, however, you can fleet up with an alt, use your alt to do the security mission, then when it’s finished you can share the mission rewards with the toon you are wanting to raise standing with. The alt you used to actually do the mission will receive negative opposing faction standing, but your main toon will receive only positive standing because it didn’t actually kill any opposing ships.

I use this method on one of my toons. I currently have only positive standing with all four major factions and 137 NPC corps. It’s somewhat tedious, but it can be done.

Additional note: This can only be done with NPC corp standings and not faction standings. For example, if you do a storyline mission with your alt and then share the mission rewards afterwards, the toon you shared the mission with will only receive positive NPC corp standing but will not receive any positive faction standing.

An alternative method is to do security/storyline missions for Caldari, then do one for Gallente, then do one for Amarr, then do one for Minmatar to keep all factions more or less even.

The Plan

is possibly what you’re looking for

generally don’t take missions that say “go kill these Amarrian ships”
those are bad for standings


The SOE arc is not the only way to gain Faction standings without affecting others!

Read up on the plan linked above. Even running the first parts of this without going too far into the COSMOS missions gets your standings not far off running level 4’s…

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And all of those COMSOS agents can only be done once. Ever. Unlike the SOE Arc, which can be repeated every 90 days to continue gaining faction standing without negative effects…

There’s even a warning at the very first of the guide:

Warning: The majority of Event Agents listed in the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ will give both positive and negative derived standings towards all Factions.

Thanks for the replies.

@Kitty_Bear I am not looking to repair standings but to prevent them from dropping in the first place. I find it frustrating that you spend an hour doing missions and then 3 days repairing the damage that those missions had on other factions.

@QuakeGod Thank you for the tip about using an alt. I was hoping to not use a 2nd toon this early but if I can do missions without my main suffering any negative standings then it will be worth doing.

Once again thanks for the replies.

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Can you give a bit more detail about what missions you are running? If you are not doing any storyline missions, and declining any missions that are against the 4 factions, missions will not affect your standings with them. Obviously, you will take hits against the pirates, but the major faction standings will remain unaffected.

I know you mentioned that you are looking at EVE Survival (which is good), but what are you running that are tanking your standings? Your standings log will tell you which missions made you take a hit.


It looks like you are accepting missions that require you to shoot empire ships. Those are the ones that need to be turned down because they will damage your standings a lot. You can turn down one mission per 4 hours, and usually those are not overly common, so it is not a problem. If you get another one, you can move on to another agent while waiting for the 4 hours too.

By declining missions that have you should empire ships and also running the SoE epic arc when you can, you can run missions without much negative impact at all. Also train the social skill that boosts standings gains so that you can get more boost for the same losses when running storylines.


The story missions which you are avoiding are the key.

Lets say for the sake of conversation that for example you have 3+ gallente standing, and 1+ Caldari standing.

So what you do is pick mainly security missions, concentrate on 1-2 corporations within a faction, having a Navy faction standing + 1 other for profit LP / ISk or stuff you want to actually use, is a good idea. Navy so you have a nice buffer and don’t get shot at in case your standings dip as well as a bit better main market access like with Jita and Caldari Navy.

The way you do these missions is as follows:

  1. Do not pick any mission against any faction. Not just Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar, Caldari, but also factions like Mordu’s, Khanid, Ammatar Mandate, etc. Just decline them, if you already have declined a mission with 4 hours or less, then go to the next agent, decline this one after the 4 hour timer expires. May need to log on later or another day.

  2. Pick missions vs pirates, drones, the generic merc NPCs.

  3. Do mostly sec missions but mix it up with distribution. Fit up a badger or alike ship with 2 warp speed rigs, 1 cargo rig, and 3x Inertia Stabilizers, carry 2 cargo expanders with you, sometimes you’ll need to use them and do distribution missions to get your 16 to get to the story one.

  4. Do not confuse Agent story missions with faction story missions. The agent story missions once your agent is high enough can be easily declined and ignored, the faction ones not so.

  5. The way it works, is that the story mission gives you a really big chunk of plus faction to whoever the mission is for and a much lower penalty that is the derived standing. So what you do is you rotate your empires. Note that the lvl 4+ missions take a much longer time to do then lvl 2-3. But the 2-3 are more then plenty to offset the losses from derived standings and put you back into the positive and they can be ran super quick.

No matter what you do, grinding standings either to get access to content, or have a buffer because of PvP, or whatever else, is very long and painful process. There is really no easy way to get up to 5.0+ with all 4 main factions. Once you do, its easy to keep it that way, you just fly around and alternate as before, but until you get to that point its a real PITA.

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That’s a contradiction. You’re not looking to repair negative standings yet you spend 3 days to repair what you incurred within 1 hr of playing. It shouldn’t take that long to regain what was lost. I’d say you’re doing something wrong.

Anyway as others have said, decline all security missions that are against Empire Factions. As for the Storyline offers, you can safely ignore them or decline them with no penalty incurred.

Definitely train up Connections skill, Social skill and Diplomacy skill. Also might as well train up Negotiation skill and Fast Talk skill.

@Kitty_Bear That’s an old blast from the past. These forums also have ‘The Plan’ thread.


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Once again thanks for the replies.

Some missions were against the main factions for level 4 SoE missions. Thats what resulted in me having to spend days doing distribution missions to repair the damage and made me realise I needed to be picky.

I then started doing some Caldari navy because they are closest to the hq of the corp im in. And even when eve survival was telling me nothing about losing standings I still was.

@Fluffy_Moe I was refusing story missions as I was under the impression they damaged opposite factions the most? It was harder to be picky when doing the level 4 SoE due to lack of agents close by but now that I am doing caldari I will do as you suggest and fight only pirates/drones and mercs.

@DeMichael_Crimson No not a contradiction when my standings with the exception of amarr and pirates were still doing okay. I was posting here before they became a huge issue and asked for some advise. Which I have been given and from yourself. So thank you.

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Hmm it seems that missioning for the navy might be what your problem is. Maybe navy missions always piss of the other factions? (gallente/minmatar)
I have a caldari char but mission in theology council in amarr and while my minmatar standing is 0.84 with skills (-0.57 without) it only happened because i did quite a few anti minmatar missions when i first made the char. So as long as you just keep declining them then you should be fine. I just flew into minmatar space yesterday and was fine.

I’ve literally ran missions for ten years while maintaining positive faction standings will all empire factions. If you pay attention to which missions you accept, only your pirate faction standings will suffer.

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Yea, you need to get your 16 ASAP and then just let it go up, then alternate. If you don’t alternate, then yes, your standings will get destroyed.

You can check this out in your character sheet in the game, go do 16, get a story mission, complete it, see how much you gain and how much derived penalty you take. That will give you a decent idea.

The SOE arc can be repeated every 90 days, you want to alternate the ending on it too for different factions, ones you need the most. BTW, the grind from 4.0 to 5.0 faction wide standings is the worst, seems to slow down a lot, even moreso then before.

alternating between SOE and amarr will pretty much keep all empire faction standings up. SoE + caldari should work too.

The faction kill missions drop tags and a bunch are super valuable because most people don’t want to run them and need those tags for LP stores. If you have good standings on both sides you can pretty easily fix whatever is starting to go low.

Even if you do tank some standings so what? I tanked my gallente/minmatar standings years ago and it never bothered me as I never went to gallente or minmatar space. Running SOE missions in caldari/amarr space fixed those standings and now that I can go to gal/min space I still don’t.


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