Bad Standings..What's the Point

What is the reason for getting bad standings from running missions?
Is it to ruin the character?
Is it for the lol’s when you cross into other systems with bad standings?
Is it to make you need a new character for every faction you want to run missions for?
It seems like such a pain in the ass to keep positive standings with all four empires, are you supposed to just stay in one faction and run missions?
What is the point of ruining your standings from running missions?
Someone please explain this for me.


Don’t take missions that you know you can’t pass. It’s that simple. If you pass the mission, you get positive standings. If you fail it, you get negative. What’s so hard to understand about that.

You can get positive standing with every faction and corporation, it just takes time and effort. Why should the agent reward you for failing the mission?

If you are talking about faction standings only, that’s simple. There are opposing factions. If you run missions for Caldari, you will lose standing with Gallente.


Essentially, this is the game’s way of adding accountability for your actions. The decisions you make in the game follow you and, depending on what you want to do, can have impacts that range from utterly meaningless, to locking you out of some content, to making your life miserable if you head into the wrong space.

There are ways to improve your standings, search the forums here for “The Plan”- the definitive guide to how standings work, and how to manipulate or improve them.

In the meantime:

  • Be aware that any missions against a faction will give you negative standing. You can decline these if your don’t want to take that hit.
  • Storyline missions have deprived standings that can give you negative standings with opposing factions. Decide if the reward is worth it.

But don’t worry- this isn’t permanent. The Plan can help you get things back to positive territory if you decide you want to do that.


It’s complicated.

TLDR, here is how to fix :

Just in case you want to read while fixing :
However, they mention under storyline missions " Note though that you will also get derived standings, both positive and negative." THAT IS RETARDED, YOU GET WRECKING BAD STANDINGS TO THE OPPOSITE FACTION. By missions that are saying they are important yet your best option is to ignore them… logic…

On security standings :

Although being a sec status -10.0 in a 1.0 region isn’t all that much of a problem as shown in this video (in the distance a -10 sec guy just floating about.

In the end EVE Online is more like “RTFM and HTFU”. And exploit mechanics, that too.

Remember : CCP can’t handle RMT just like CONCORD can’t handle security in high sec. I get spammed with ISK sellers on my mobile that doesn’t have good anti-ad and 99% of the ads I get are from illegal ISK sellers.

Oh, you can have over 7.0 standing with all 4 empires :


Let me change that into :
It’s the game making you understand that without alts you will have consequences for certain actions.

No alts needed, necessarily. You can manage your standing with factions with a bit of care, and there are lots of methods to repair standings if needed including missions, epic arcs, skills, and tags.

Alts can certainly be used, but it’s not a situation where a single character cannot have positive standing with all factions.


I have a toon with only positive standing with all 4 major factions and 137 NPC corps. It can be done…

The point is that choices have consequences, if you keep doing work for one faction the opposing faction isn’t going to like that very much.

Accept it, put in effort to work around it or stop doing it.


Either you allow missions to polarize your standings, which means you’ll end up on one of the sides of the faction wars.

Or you put in extra effort and do missions for all factions and thereby keep them all happy. It’s however slower to increase standings this way, but certainly not impossible.

You just got to learn it and accept it as a part of the adversities put into the game to challenge you.

The choice is yours. Go the quick way and end up on one side, go slow way and make all happy.


You can completely avoid being KOS with skills and avoiding anti-empire missions. It’s not hard. You’d have to be foolish to tank your standings considering how easy it is not to.

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Don’t take anti faction missions. If not liking the hit, easiest way to solve this.

Only 1 NPC enemy is penalty proof as I recall. rogue drones.

And its a consequence of actions thing. YOu shoot hundreds of gallente ship, yeah they will care about that.

See even shooting pirates has consequences. Ever leave the comforts of empire, work out of NPC low/0.0…all those pirates you killed can make spamming pirate agents harder.

If you ever want to spice up the LP item selection…or you have just been kicked out of your space and slumming it in NPC space this can limit pve options to make isk.


I’m currently testing to see whether or not we now lose faction with Rogue Drones, since apparently Rogue Drones are now an NPC faction with standings in this update…

Ok, from what I can tell so far there’s still no standings loss from killing Rogue Drones

I forgot about missions. Some 10+ years ago i did a few. I think these days they are meant soley for botters. You dhould concentrate on agents and incursions which are made for human players.

Missions suck anyway, and they sucked before salvage was crap (if it ever wasn’t) nearly any other activity is more profitable.

I have a problem with this, in that some storyline missions pit you against a random mercenary gunning for you, or Rogue Drones, or other pirate factions. It’s completely out of line to have those missions give you negative standing towards other empires, considering that they themselves might also grant you that very same mission against Rogue Drones/Guristas, etc. You can’t even say “you’re working for the enemy!” because if that were the case, running every other normal level 4 mission would have the same standings problem, and it doesn’t.

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I think you do have a point there, but the special missions often are ‘exceptions where you cross the border for ops or have to shoot ships/installations from other empires in their territory’

im pretty sure ccp only keep them around because they like dmc and want him to feel relevant.

no offence mate.

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Well, no offense taken bro. Hell, I’m not even sure how to react to that statement.

8 years ago all I did was compile a list of content already existing in-game, put it all together with a plan of execution and then contributed ‘The Plan’ to the community. That was it, I’m sure CCP’s viewpoint and plans for standings within the game have nothing to do with me.

Eve Online was originally created to be heavily based on the effects of standings affecting multiple facets of gameplay content. Over the years CCP has removed some of the standing affects on gameplay content which I think was done to simplify gameplay and encourage more player interaction.

I think completely removing standings from the game would require a total rewrite of the entire game code from the framework up. That’s a huge undertaking and quite honestly in my opinion, the payoff for all that time and effort just wouldn’t be worth it. Also doing that would pretty much negate other content in-game such as Factional Warfare, NPC Mining Fleets, etc.


Standings add adversity to the game. So deal with it. :dealwithitparrot:

It takes twice as much effort to have good standings with all Empire factions. One needs to rotate the NPC corporations and one shouldn’t be so lazy as to get stuck on the same mission agent for months.

You either run for one side and get standings twice as fast or you run for them all. The mechanic also helps with having multiple market hubs and distributing players’ activity across the empire regions.

To complain about it means you suck at EVE.