Playing missions

As a newby, I started playing missions for loot. I managed to get up to level 3 missions when I noticed that some of the main factions really started to dislike me :))).

I have now by switching factions, declining missions that would bring down the standings. But I find 2 things really annoying:

  • Sometimes you don’t know you are attacking one of the main factions (I google every mission now before i play). Or you have to save 1 of 2 people from different factions and the other one is always pissed off at you.
  • Declining missions means you have to stop playing missions for 4 hours with that contact (which is annoying with my gameplay time). And then I have to move 8 jumps to another faction’s contact.
  • If you make a mistake and you end up in a mission where you fight another faction which brings you down 0.24 - 0.40 which take 16 or 32 missions to recover from.

Is there a better way of upping your standings with everybody?

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So basically you are wondering that one faction dislikes you if you destroy their ships?


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Have you done the SoE Arc? You can repair Standing damage that way

You just cant repeat it until…uh cant remember how long… has passed.



no he asks how he can prevent that


you cant prevent that

@Ramona_McCandless you can run it every 3 months as far as i know and yes thats a good way



There is a faction icon in the mission description, usually. Please name the missions where it is not the case, but you still lose relations with a main faction.

Your next contact might be from the same faction, only that agent is unreachable.

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Pick your poison.

And actually any storyline.


You don’t HAVE to wait 4 hours. Really, if your standing is really good with that agent/corp, you’ll make it up in no time.

If you have to move 8 systems to get to another agent, you’re in a bad spot. Use the agent finder tool to find spots where agents of interest are closer together, and move your base of operations there.

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Okay, fair enough.

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Also, some missions can be completed without standing loss, even though it’s against empire( deadly arrival).
And some missions are against empire but the standing loss is too small to consider (driving a wedge - if you just kill the target. One of the most lucrative L3 missions)

Pick your poison + driving a wedge 1 & 2 amount to 80 M/h when done in the good fits, fast - and without the loot from driving a wedge. With 2k isk/lp corporation. (14 M reward+bonus+LP, 10 minute to do the three)

  1. avoid shooting structures, they give a much bigger hit on standing than shooting ships
  2. there’s this FACTION STANDING REPAIR PLAN aka 'The Plan'

“The Plan” should make it possible to have good standing with all 4 factions, never tried it myself and doesn’t look easy to do or maintain.


If you don’t want to take a standings hit with opposing factions, only take security missions that are against mercenaries or drones. There are several L3 and L4 security missions that can be done without any standings loss. The Black Market Hub, The Damsel In Distress, Cut Throat Competition, and Stop The Thief are a few of them.

The only way to keep your standings positive with all factions is to never do any security mission against an opposing faction, and never do any storyline missions. I have a toon that has only positive standing with 19 factions and 150 NPC corporations. It takes a while to get to that point, but it can be done.

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For the sake of a full list of possibilities, maybe *urgh…" mining missions can be used too to adjust standings. Occasionally there is a mining agent mission involving some limited fights but you can skip those. However, I think I prefer having bad standing to running mining missions…

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Or go to NPC null and say to hell with empire standings. Work for the pirates and kill the good guys.


I have done missions for SoE, but not the Arc thing I think since i have no clue what it is… Where do I find it?

call alitura ingame. (search tool)

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Should be in Agency under Epic Arcs I think?


I am not there yet skillswise or battle ready.

After 16 missions I got a mission to raise the standings (for Amarr I think). Saving some person I looked and saw that he was taken by the minmatar. Since the minmatar standings are higher I was going for it. As soon as the mission started I got a notification ‘Minmatar standings -0.24’. Before I even reached the mission zone (there are spies everywhere I think).
So I rescue the guy by blowing up some fuel silo’s (how that brings the guy in my item hanger is beyond me but hey… its the future) when all these ships pop up. So I decide to hang around and kill them for the loot since I was already -0.24 anyhow.

While I am killing them… another message, AGAIN -0.24 standings… grrrr… this means I probably need 32 missions just to get the Minmatar back to their old level again.

I should not be that the mission to RAISE you standings with factions A automatically means you LOWER it with faction B!!!

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Even if you kill nothing, raising your standing with a faction automatically reduces your standing with opposed factions, unless epic.

that’s called derived standing.

So : unless you don’t mind making an enemy of an empire, don’t ever accept a mission that is AGAINST an empire.

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So just do SoE arc every 4 months or whatever?