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Hello everyone, how do you really PvE in this game? i cant do missions, because mostly of them are to fight against other factions, im gallente and my corp faction is caldari, so basically im fighting against my own faction, otherwise i have to decline the missions and lose points on the agents (really stupid on my opinion), i once declined 10 times in a row to find one mission against guristas, and it seems like this game has no “Grinding spots” specially for begginers, i only have an algos that i attack with drones, so going to a combat site its a death sentence for me, also finding combat sites is another pain in the ass, you need to scan with probes to find one, and head back all the way to the base to take the combat ship, maybe im playing wrong, or im not understanding the game at all, please help me to understand it. Is there any way to fight enemies in spots? im omega btw

Hey Funested,

So a few things: For starters, your race is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to dictating what you do. You could be an Amarr pilot but you enjoy flying Min ships and fighting for their cause (heretic!). As such, who you run missions for (ie: which agent) is up to you. There is nothing stopping you from running missions for your Caldari agent, which will have you hunting Gal targets as well as Guirsta rats. Your standings with the actual Gallente faction itself won’t suffer a whole lot overall, and even if you tank them completely the worst that can happen is it gets tricky to get into Gallente controlled space. You can, of course, always run an SoE mission to fix the sec status with them - but we’re getting off tangent.

Declining a mission more than twice in an hours span will result in a standindings loss with that agent. Try not to do that - if the L2 mission agent for example you are running for right now just doesn’t have what you want, go find another one who is available at your standings level and run theirs - usually they aren’t far apart in hisec. You aren’t locked into working for one specific corp or faction… feel free to jump around.

Now you mention sites requiring probes - those are DED sites or Complexes. Yes, those require using a core scanner+probes to hunt down - which isn’t that difficult even as a newbie (lots of good tutorials to speed up the hunt available). You can easily run a 1/10 in a frig or a 2/10 in that algos, with most 3/10’s being nothing but clearing frigs (something a destroyer is really good at) so that is an option as well. I mean… I’ve run 4/10 Guristas in a frigate before (rocket condor FTW) so if you are crazy you can for sure accomplish it…but I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie :wink:

For Complexes, you’re probably only going to be able to run a Hideout complex safely in a frig or dessie. Anything higher usually has some cruisers which will require you to be a bit more careful or fit up a specific way. Either way, If you are going DED hunting, you need a probe launcher on your ship. That algos has 6 highslots, 5 of which are turrets - leaving you that 6th slot open for a probe launcher. No need to go back and refit/reship - just fit that out for the express purpose of hunting down DED. Loot wise they can be jackpots or busts - there is no reward outside the possible loot/salvage and the std bounties on the hulls you kill. Always check the combat sites to know what you are getting into before you roll in:

But in terms of “grind spots” this isn’t like most MMO’s where the same mobs will respawn over and over again in a specific area. You can either run missions, hunt for DED/Complexes or kill rats in the asteroid belts – all of which is going to require you move around between systems and/or be hunting for them actively. Missions are by far the easiest way to get aquainted with pve combat mechanics early on, as they have clear objectives and a payout for completing them – but I do highly recommend you try DED hunting.


Lower level missions tend to be more against faction than pirates. Declining 1 is fine. 2 or more within 4 hours will result in a bigger loss to your corp/agent standings than faction. Every 16 missions of the same level and faction you get a storyline mission that gives you faction standings, but negative against another faction (either gallente or minmatar if you are running caldari).

The higher you get to L3 or L4 the less against empire factions youll receive


Sure. Combat Anomalies (the green sites in the probe scanner) are freely accessible and for 99% of them you simply warp in, kill all the red NPCs, get bounty and go looking for the next one. The tricky part is do know which ones your ship can actually do and which ones it can’t, as there are a lot of different sites with different setups of NPCs in them.

Rule of thumb: In HighSecurity Space all the anomalies that have a name that begins with the name of the local pirate faction “Blood…” “Gurista…” “Drone…” and so on are usually doable for a beginner, if he has basic knowledge in how to fit and how to use his ship. An Algos for example will probably be able to solve most of them by just sending in light drones from far away. Also you are not tackled in them, so you can always warp out quickly if you notice that your ship is about to explode soon.
But beware: do not enter sites with different names. Homefronts for example are for groups, you won’t survive that solo in a Destroyer. Also the current Event sites (Tetrimon Base / Crimson Gauntlet) are not suited for true beginners that can’t even fly a well-fitted cruiser.

Besides that, you don’t need to reject all the agent missions against another empire. The standing loss isn’t that great and you will gain always more reputation for the empire you work for than you lose at the one you fight against. Simple tactic: go look for a second agent in that ‘other’ empire and work one week for the Caldari and the next Week for the Gallente for example. You will slowly gain standing for both when completing the ‘storyline missions’ you get every dozen successful normal mission.

Last but not least, you can run ‘Abyssals’, a pretty simple mechanic introduced in the Triglavian Conflict. You buy Filaments from the market (begin with ‘Tranquil’ Filaments as they are the easiest), and light these somewhere in space (at a moon, planet, bookmark, wherever, just 1000km away from the next static object). This filament will catapult your ship into an ‘arena’ where you have to defeat a wave of hostile ships. After each one you can grab loot and get through a gate into the next arena. Win 3 times in a row and you can exit back to your starting system and keep all the loot. You have 20 minutes and you cannot warp out there. If you fail, your ship and pod will be destroyed and you will wake up at your home station. So be careful. Great profits can be made there, but you also can lose everything you take into these filaments.


Find an area with several agents so when you tap one out you can switch to another.

If you are comfortable flying ships you can do distribution missions until you get a few storyline missions so you get the standings to run lvl 3s. You get less faction missions then.


This, use multiple agents.

Honestly missions in EvE are more for getting used to combat and the standing grind (to lower market fees, get access to higher level missions) than the ISK. With a few exceptions, lvl5 missions in lowsec and burner missions. But those are for veteran players.

If you are looking for an ISK source, I would look elsewhere, gas harvesting, data/relic sites, events. And yes, you will travel a lot in EvE. :wink:

General rule of thumb the less brain power / organization / effort an activity needs, the less it pays for the time spent.


Do abyssals.

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Really? Plenty of L4s are ISK printers, not to mention being better source of minerals than actual mining, at least in hi sec.

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Thanks for all the answers guys, it really helped me a lot to understand the game, yeah i came from other games where you stick to a spot and grind for hours, so this is kinda shocky for me, lately ive been doing great, and earned some isk, nice community here tho

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Well, best hint you will ever get: Join a player corporation. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, most powerful or most successful one. But the contact to other players and the ability to work together and learn from them will bost your progress a hundred times over what you can learn on your own. And if you are not satisfied after a few months and have gained more insight how things work, you can always go to one who fits your ideas and needs better or even create your own one and gather like-minded people around you. The absolute worst way to play EVE is to play it solo, because you miss 99% of everything that makes it so great.


If you are finding yourself grinding, and don’t like it, then question whether there are more fun ways of playing plus earning ISK. The whole universe (New Eden) is at your disposal, and there are many different places with unique characteristics, risks and benefits.

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