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hey guys, so just started yesterday, went on a bunch of missions for the agents in i think navy? then went on a few missions with other frineds… when i got back… my rep qith the agents have gone down to -0.1/-0.0 can anyone help me on why this happened?

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Your rep will go down if:

  • you don’t finish YOUR missions within the time given
  • you decline more than 1 mission every 4 hours when talking to your agent
  • you shoot Navy ships as part of another mission (with the friends)

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ahh no, i had the config mixed up the whole time, it was set to a whole other race and not mine instead, thank ye for the help.

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New to the game and running missions I have a single piece of advise.

Do not run any missions that have you shooting at ships that belong to one of the 4 major factions, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar. Why you ask? and the answer is standings.
Shooting ships that belong to one of the 4 major factions will cause a standings loss to that faction even if the ships are targets you must destroy in a mission. More than a few new to the game players have gotten themselves into trouble and even lost ships as a result of these standings losses. Example, I have a character with 9.0 faction standing towards Gallente, as a result of that the character is -5 to the Caldari, so while I am free to fly that character anywhere in Gallente space the moment I enter Caldari space he is wanted and the Caldari faction police will shoot him every chance they get. Please note I said faction police, they are different that Concord and fill different roles in game.

For now, while you learn the game and figure out the standings thing and how it can affect you simply decline any mission you get that is against one of the 4 major factions. And just as important if you are running missions with your friends against one of the four leave the mission area and the fleet immediately, you will receive a standing loss for every ship you shoot, and it is not confirmed but some say you will lose standings at mission turn in as well. You can always ask to rejoin after the fleet and if these people are your friends and they understand the game they will know why you do this.

Once you understand how these standings losses can affect you, and you have had time to explore around the EvE universe and decide where you want to be and what you want to do then accept whatever mission you want.

Some resources to help.
EvE Survival is a good source for mission related information, I suggest you book mark this and refer to it often.

Faction Standing Repair Plan is an excellent resource if you find yourself with standings that are preventing you from doing something you want or going somewhere that you want. Note this is a link to the old forums, did a quick search and cannot find this here on the new forums.

As always a tip of the hat to DMC (DeMichael Crimson) and the rest that took the time to put this together you guys are great.

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