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hey All i recently got my standings to 5.0 with caldari faction and it says this: Access to all standard level 4 agents belonging to Caldari Sate, does it mean I can do level 4 missions for any agent that belongs to caldari state? So even say my reputation with some faction is like 0.5 i can do level 4 missions for them anyway? is that it?

If you have +5 standing with Caldari State (faction), Level 4 agents for all NPC corporations that belong to Caldari State will talk to you and offer you missions.

Edit: This is definitely true if you have neutral or positive standing with the corp - I’ve never tried requesting missions from a corp where I had negative standing so You’ll need to try it and see - unless someone else has the answer.

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Good, thanks

Fairly sure that standings at -2 or below will override faction standing and restrict you to level 1 missions.

So if I have:

  • +5 Caldari State
  • +1 Kaalakiota
  • -2 Caldari Navy

I can do level 4s for Kaalakiota but only level 1 for Caldari Navy.

@Archer_en_Tilavine would know for sure. He’s a stand up standings kinda guy.

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here, and one of “The Standing Guys Trio”.

Brun Warbear is correct:

  • If your effective corp standing is below -2, which we here at USIA call The Deathline™, you are restricted to L1 missions for all agents in that corp even if your standings would normally be high enough to run higher level missions. You could have a perfect 10 standing with all agents in that corp, but would still be restricted to L1 only until you raise corp standings above -2.0
  • Even more damning, the same is true for faction standings: if your effective faction standing is below The -2 Deathline™, you are restricted to L1 missions for all agents of all corps belonging to that faction even if your agent and corp standings are a perfect 10.

If you drop below -2 corp or faction standings, it can be a pain to recover from that. If you have any other standings related questions you’d like answered or would like some advice (that’s free :smile:) , or would like to enlist our services to raise standings for you, feel free to hop onto the USIA Discord and we’d be happy to address your needs.

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