Taking a mission on corp standing

Should I be able to take a L4 mission if my corp has enough standing with said corp (and faction actually) or do agents only accept personal standing?

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

Agents accept personal standing provided that your faction standing is above -2. If your faction standing is at -2 or lower, you will be restricted to L1 missions for all corps/agents in that faction even if your corp/agent standings are higher enough to give you access to higher level agents.

I have zero standings, totally clean. But my corp NPC standings are insanely good. I cant take a mission of that?

I’m not sure what you mean specifically, but if you have 0 base standings (ie. you never ran for a corp/agent before) but you have your Connections skill trained, then you can boost your effective standings up to 2.0 at L5. This is enough to run L2 missions and gives you some progress toward L3 missions (requiring 3.0 standing)

No the corp I am in has standings. Corps have NPC standings. My corp has insanely good NPC standings. Like that corp you used to use for jump clones. Can I use that standing to take a mission.

No you may not. Your corp’s standings with NPC corps has basically zero usage in the game now. Off the top of my head, the one and only use for this now is to permit individuals with negative faction standings to enlist in FW by joining a corp with a positive average base faction standing that can “absorb” their negative base faction standings. So if you have -10 faction standing with Minmatar but want to enlist in Minmatar FW anyway, you can join a player FW corp with a high average base Minmatar faction standing that can absorb your negative standing and still end up being non-negative. By contrast, you’d need at least 0 base standing to join FW directly via NPC corp.

Using your corp standing to run missions used to be possible, but that was 5+ years ago. Not anymore.

Why dont you just try to do it to see if it is possible

maybe he did, realized he was not able, and asked if it was a bug or normal ?

Maybe, or Maybe not. it’s not mentioned.

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