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So I have a couple questions about missioning. I’m looking forward to running more epic arc missions and I guess I’m a little unclear about what standings do for you. I’ve read the mission guide on Uniwiki, which answered a lot but I’m still unsure about what standings are for exactly.

Some of them are pretty clear like this, get the standings to 3.0 and I can run the Angels Epic Arc.

This mission agent I’ve been running for a while now. There’s no buttons under her like that Arch Angels Corporation has with the epic arc. So I’m curious what does gaining more standings with this agent do? I’ve sort of wondered when do you usually quit running one agent’s missions? What happens if I got her standings with me to 5? 10? Do I just sort of step on her to get to the next level mission agent? :laughing:

I remember reading about locator agents. Would there be a button kind of like the epic arc one if the agent was a locator? Apologies for these stupid questions and thanks in advance

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+5 standing to corp or faction opens up L4 missions. +7 to corp and faction opens up L5 missions if there are any. But higher standings towards a specific agent doesn’t do anything anymore. I believe, in the past you could get better rewards with higher standings. Gaining more standing towards the agent is just a personal achievement.

Locator Agents have an additional button when you open the Greeting screen of the agent mission window. You can click that button, paste or type a char name and the agent will search it. Or it will tell you it’s out of range because different agent levels have different ranges and anything under L4 is useless. And if an L4 agent tells you someone is out of his range, then the searched char is in wormhole space.


Okay so I shouldn’t expect a button on the character sheet > Interactions screen? I was assuming I haven’t found an agent yet with locating abilities.

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If you choose to reprocess in a NPC station, if you have excellent standings, you won’t be charged for reprocessing stuff. Like my old station I was in for Caldari Navy, $0 to reprocess, but the station i’m at, charges couple hundred thousand isk.


That is correct. Locator agents are specific agents and they are always locators. There are no hidden locator abilities that you can unlock with higher standings.


You have standing with faction, corporation, and agent.

You have access to mission agents depending on your effective standing.
Your effective standing with an agent is the highest of this agent’s modified standing, its corporation, and its faction.
If one of those three modified standing is lower than -2, then your effective standing is actually the lowest of those three standings.

You always have access to l1 mission agents
you need 1 effective standing to get access to L2 mission agents
you need 3 eff for L3
and 5 for L4
and 7 for L5.

research agents do not take faction standing into account (you need corp or agent standing)

A standing increase (eg +1) results in a flat gain proportional to how far you are to 10(eg +10%).
A standing decrease results in a flat loss proportional to how far you are to -10.

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By doing missions you raise your standing with both the agent and the corp that agent represents
The common way to raise Faction standings is with storyline missions
Storyline missions are offered when you have completed 12 regular missions
Epic Arcs are another way to raise faction standings
Epic Arcs become time locked once completed and you have to wait to able to run them again

Corp standings override agent standings

  • eg With a Corp standing of 3 you can access AL L1-3 agents of that corp even if you have never ‘worked’ for a particular agent before

Faction standings override corp standings

  • eg with a faction standing of 5 you can access all agents of L1-4 for all corps in that faction

Agent and Corp standing rewards can be shared with other players/accounts on mission completion
Faction standing rewards can’t be shared

There is an ingame agent locator on the neo-com
You can filter by agent level, faction, sec-level and mission type

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nope. It does not “override”, if you have 3 faction and 5 corp you still have access to L4 agents.
Same for corp standing, it does not “override” agent standing.

yes they sometimes can.

Your example of +3 Faction and +5 Corporation standing only allows access to Level 4 Agents within that one specific Corporation.

High Faction standing will over-ride Corporation standing requirements to access high level Agents. With +5 Faction standing, all Level 4 and lower Agents within that Faction will be available for access, even with no Corporation standing. Same goes for Corporation, with +5 standing, all level 4 and lower Agents within that Corporation can be accessed.

The only exception to that for no access is if the Corporation or Agent standing is -2.00 or lower.

Yes, that’s why I say it does not override.

That’s the general ■■■■■■■■ people is spreading. The quote said it always override , which is wrong.
Override means is used instead. However when it’s low it’s not used, AND when corp/agent is too low it’s not used either, so saying it generally overrides is wrong. People will read this and remember “faction standing overrides corp standing”. That is just wrong.

This only applies to the type of missions you are doing… I have noticed that my 9 eff with fed navy security doesn’t allow me to run L4 missions for R&D, Courier, Mining and other subsections for Federation Navy, but my 9 eff does mean that my reprocessing fee is 0 isk at any fed navy assembly plant in gallente space

Not sure what you’re getting at other than I should have said:

‘With high Faction standing, most Agents within that specific Faction will be available as long as their Agent and Corporation standing remains above -2.00 standing.’

If you have +7.00 or higher standing with Federation Navy, you should have access to almost all Agents within that Corp, as long as that Faction and all Agent standings are above -2.00 standing.

R&D Agents are an exception which require a set amount of both Corporation and Faction standing for access. Plus to access R&D Agents, specific skills need to be trained as well.

Also certain Event Agents (Career, Circle, Data Center and Cosmos) can only be accessed once in the life of the character.

That is providing you have a high enough agent standing to support it. Im working out of Sinq Laison and every Fed Navy station I visit that has L4 agents (Security, Distribution, Industry, etc) only allow me to access Security agents only, so taking in to consideration all factors the only theory that I can come up with is that my Agent standing for the mission type is not high enough to support that mission type.

Guess it would help to know what your Faction standing is with Gallente Federation.

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s above -2.00 standing. That will allow you to access most high level Gallente Agents, provided you have the required amount of Corporation standing.

Anyway, it shouldn’t matter what Division the Agent works for, if you can access Level 4 Security Agents, then you should be able to access Level 4 Distribution and Mining Agents.

The only ones that you wont be able to access are the storyline agents then

I believe you are correct with not having high enough standings for the specific mission type agent. Security missions are more fun but don’t really give you standings for mining, distribution.

Unless CCP has done a stealth change to Agent access, it doesn’t matter which Division the Agent works for.

With Faction above -2.00 standing and high Corporation standing, all regular Agents within that Corporation are available for access.

That means all Security, Distribution and Mining Agents within that specific Corporation. R&D, Cosmos and Storyline Agents are an exception with different requirements for access.

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