Completing missions in a fleet

Will completing a mission in a fleet improve agent standings for all fleet members?

Also, will agent standings of 5 or greater be enough to accept Level 4 missions (even though my Corp and Faction are below 5)?

I recently messed up my standings with a specific faction and now I’m locked out of Lvl 4 missions… trying to think of the fastest way to get back into Level 4 missions.

EDIT: Answers

  • Yes, Agent standings of >5 will grant access to lvl 4 missions IF your corp and faction standings are also above -2.0
  • Yes, Agent standing gains can be shared with the rest of the fleet upon completion.
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The person who hands in the mission gets the choice on whether to share the mission rewards (which includes standings, ISK and LP) or keep them for themselves. You can also have it remember your preference, so if you’ve already set this option and want to change it, you need to go to ‘reset settings’ in the escape menu to change it.

Yes, highest standings between agent corp and faction takes precedence UNLESS any of them are under -2. In that case you can only access level 1 agents.

Take a look at the ‘Faction standing repair plan’ for some more ideas on repairing standings.


“An agent will offer you missions only when your standings reach a certain amount, depending on the agent’s level:

Level 4: 5.00 or higher
Level 5: 7.00 or higher”


Yes. If the person handing in the mission decides to share the rewards.
Otherwise, no.

Yes. Either agent, corp or faction has to be over 5.00 for an agent to be accessible, while the other 2 standings should never be lower then -2.00.
If any of the standings for a corp or faction is below -2, then you are locked on that level to level 1 agents.

So even if you have Caldari Navy corp standings at 7, if your Caldari Faction standing is -2.1, you only have access to Level 1 agents for any NPC corp that is part of the Caldari faction


easiest, without having to go through the standings repair plan, is you can do the epic arc for the particular faction, or you can do distribution missions to generate storylines quickly. if efficient at getting storylines, you can generate up to 6 storylines a day.

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An additional note regarding standings: the -2 rule applies to Agent standings as well - that is, if your standing with an agent hits -2, they will stop giving you missions, even if your corp/faction standings are high enough to have otherwise unlocked them. This is usually only relevant to players who are pulling for blitzing or burner missions, as the repeat declines can tank Agent standings rapidly, but is good to keep in mind.

Also: shared standings gains are dependent upon the Social skill of the mission puller - fleet members will not gain benefit from their own social skill (though Connections/Diplomacy effects will still apply the the final calculated standings.) Furthermore, due to UI goofiness, fleet members will not see the standing gains on their character sheet until they re-log, though you can confirm successful shared mission rewards by looking for agent rewards in the wallet.


Thanks everyone! In my particular case, the Faction standing is 4.75 and the Corp standing is 2.0. Trying to find another player to do an agent standings boost could be a good option for me then because both my Faction and Corp standings are well above -2.0. All I care about is being able to run lvl 4 missions with that particular agent again. (Also, agent standings can rise very quickly, especially for lvl 4 missions).

I used to be able to do lvl 4 blitz missions, since my faction standing was 5.75. After quitting a storyline mission, I lost an entire point of faction standing (-1.0).

Corp standings at 3, 5, 7 respectively open up the levels that you are able to play. So 3 with your corp will open Level 3 missions. 5 with your corp will open up Level 4 and 7 will open up level 5 (losec)

So once you get your corp standing up to 3 then you can get up to a level 3 agent, and so on up to the level 4 agent.

I only need 0.25 additional Faction standings to be able to blitz L4 missions again…

What level of distribution missions do you recommend: L1, L2 or L3? Purely for gaining faction standings the fastest.

NOTE: This is for a non-empire faction.

L3. you can look on our website for the United Standings Improvement Agency

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