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If you’re looking to travel safely through unfriendly Empire Faction space then look no further.
‘The Plan’ will help all Capsuleers to quickly gain Faction Standing with one or all Empire Factions.

‘The Plan’

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Faction Standing Relationships
The ‘In-Game Inter-Faction Relationships’ graph is read from the top down and the ‘Derived Inter-Faction Standing Modifier’ graph is read from left to right.

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2010.04.17 @ 05:03:00

Xylopia posted this original quote by The History :

"DeMichael Crimson single-handedly compiled bits of shattered, hidden wisdoms into a great milestone that lead to true peace with most recognized powers of New Eden. In doing so, he so bravely rescued uncountable numbers of cursed souls from evil CCP’s bloody hands that CCP’s grudging evil groan is still heard these days"

2011.10.26 @ 16:07:00

DeMichael Crimson wrote :
"This thread should actually be posted in Missions and Complexes."

CCP Spitfire wrote :
"Precisely. :slightly_smiling_face: So moving it here. Also The Plan is really good."
CCP Spitfire | Russian Community Coordinator @ccp_spitfire


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Glad you made it across



Thanks, it was easier than I expected.




welcome to the new forums \o/

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Thank you, gotta say it’s definitely different.


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Glad to see this transfered across. I used it to get my trader’s standings up, probably around early 2012.

Also made a ton of afk cash using drones in a cosmos mission (an exploit since closed I believe).

Also made it most of the way through the Caldari cosmos missions before just burning out. Turns out the very next mission dropped some mining implant whose Jita price was huge (for me, at the time anyway). Such is life. Maybe I’ll try to find that god damned mission again actually…or just round up a posse and drop on Ihakana maybe

Anyway, good to see it back

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Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad to hear ‘The Plan’ helped establish your Trader alt. Finding that mission is a relatively easy task, send me an Eve Mail message if you need some help on how to do that.

Rounding up a posse and dropping in on Ihakana is a great idea, especially if it’s done on a regular basis. That would definitely help out other Cosmos runners.




Thanks for the applause, I really appreciate it.

That gif is very cool.



Maybe it was Michi’s Excavation Augmentor? Seems to be the coveted prize, north of 1B on the market today.

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Has the plan changed since @DeMichael_Crimson put it together, specifically around the Amarr COSMOS agents?

It mentions after running the level 1 Data Centre Agents running the level 1 COSMOS, then the level 2 and 3 etc. From what I have read around the COSMOS missions the levels can’t be run separately as they need to be run as a (mixed level) “storyline” in order to have the necessary items for the next mission…

Does the COSMOS missions now need running in their entirety before searching/saving for those elusive level 2 and greater tags?

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Hmmmm so I’m -5.03 with Amarr Empire… where do I start to bring that above the -5? I’ve been looking but can’t see where I can get a mission which isn’t putting me in Amarr space.

Anyone offer any assistance?

Thanks in advance

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caldari and amarr are allies, doing caldari state missions will give you some derived positive standings point with amarr.

If you haven’t done the sisters of eve epic arc (blood stained stars) within 90 days you can do it and choose the amarr commander towards the end of it for a nice faction standing boost.

Train the skills social and diplomacy up asap.

If you know people who can run amarr missions (preferably lvl 4) you can form a fleet with them and you will share standings gains with them even if you are not actually present in the missins with them (unless that has changed - might wanna make sure first)



Hello, sorry for the late reply and for being ‘MIA’.

In answer to your question, no ‘The Plan’ hasn’t changed. All of the steps should still be viable. As for the Cosmos Agents, Amarr is the exception, all of the other Faction Cosmos Agents can be run in Agent level from low to high.

The Amarr Cosmos guide link in ‘The Plan’ has specific steps for completing it:

When I ran Cosmos that guide worked perfectly so I suggest following that. For a good start to the Amarr Cosmos, you’ll need a Faction standing of +4.00 so running a few Amarr Data Center Agents first is highly advised. I actually worked the first half and stopped when I got to the level 4 Amarr Cosmos Agents so I could raise up the other Factions again while maintaining +6.00 Faction standing for the level 4 Amarr Cosmos Agents.

As for getting the Data Center Tags, it’s best to just buy them from the Market and public contracts before actually contacting those Agents. That way you won’t waste time trying to collect them up after getting the mission offer.

Hope this helps and good luck to you.

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As Vortexo VonBrenner said, definitely train up Diplomacy skill, that should raise your negative Amarr Faction standing above -5.03 allowing you access to Amarr space. Once you raise that standing, I suggest following the steps outlined in ‘The Plan’ and start working the level 1 Career, Circle and Data Center Agents.

May you have good luck and much success.

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This way gives you only corporation standings from ordinary missions: presence in a fleet would not share faction standings from Storyline agents rolled after 16 missions. I checked it last week.

However, fleet with the person that completes epic/cosmos (and, maybe, career) missions gives you a part of faction standings.

Thus… create 100500 alts and do Aliture’s epic with all of them…

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The sharing of Faction Standing increase gained from Event Agents (Epic Arc, Cosmos, Career, Circle, Data Center and Storyline) while in a fleet is not an intended game mechanic. It’s a bug that was supposedly fixed by CCP.

I believe Vortexo VonBrenner was actually talking about fleeting up with someone already running level 4 missions in order to quickly gain Corp / Agent standing for access to that Agent, then start accepting and completing missions solo to get Storyline offers.

Course that won’t work since the player has -5.03 with Amarr Faction which needs to be above -2.00 standing in order to access Agents above level 1.

So that was actually a good catch by you on his statement about fleeting up to gain standing.

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Dear all, I am trying to fix my standings with serpentis. At Diplomacy V, my current standings with Serpentis is -2.51. My standings with the Angels is even worse at -6.6. I tried doing 16 missions in exchange for 1 storyline mission. I get +0.04 after I complete the storyline mission. At this rate, I have to do hundreds of level 1 missions to fix this. Can anyone advise if I have other options to fix my standings with Serpentis? I do not want to use a puller.


Hello Slade,

It shouldn’t take very long to access high level agents with Corp standing since you’re already close to being over -2.00 Serpentis Faction standing. Since your negative standing is already max modified by Diplomacy, all you can really do is just continue running level 1 missions for Storyline offers until Serpentis Faction is above -2.00 standing, then higher level Agents can be accessed with Corporation standing.

I suggest doing Distribution missions since those can be completed very quickly, the goal right now is to gain Storyline offers as fast as possible so you can get above -2.00 Faction standing for access to higher level Agents.

Make sure you have Social skill trained up since that gives a 5% bonus per level to NPC Agent, Corporation and Faction standing increase for completing missions.

Also Criminal Connections will give a 4% bonus per level to effective standing towards NPCs with low Concord standing. Not cumulative with Diplomacy or Connections. That skill basically raises your positive standing which allows you to access higher level Agents much faster.

Since you’re running missions, might as well make sure Negotiation is trained up too for a 5% pay increase per skill level for completing agent missions.

That’s about it for Serpentis. I would suggest doing Angel level 3 Epic Arc and then run Angel Cosmos Agents to get derived standing gains to Serpentis but that would take longer time. You’re already close to getting over -2.00 Serpentis Faction standing which will give you access to high level Serpentis Agents.

Hope this info helps and thanks for posting.

Hi DeMichael Crimson,

Thanks for your reply! I missed out on the criminal connections skill. I have pretty much max other social skills except this one! Looks like i have no other choice but to keep running level 1 missions until i fix my standings above -1.99. I am unable to do Angel Epic Arc as my standings for them are even worse.

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