(Proposal) Bring Back 'The Endless Battle' Missions


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With the Incarna expansion, the original ‘Basic Training’ tutorial known as ‘Crash Course’ was updated and changed into - Aura NPE (New Player Experience)
Tutorial Part 1 - Tutorial Part 2 - Tutorial Part 3 - Tutorial Part 4

Along with that change, 60 different level 1 Event Agents (15 per Faction) known as Tutorial Agents were forced into early retirement due to Aura NPE single handedly ending ‘The Endless Battle’ mission.

Those 60 Agents gave a one time Faction standing increase for mission completion.

The Endless Battle
(2-part mission)

This use to be the new players very first ‘real’ mission which could only be completed once per Agent in the life of the character. Part 1 was a simple Encounter mission against a single NPC which when destroyed, would drop a small specific item to be returned to Agent. Part 2 was a simple Courier mission to transport a small specific item to a nearby Solar system.

A small amount of Corporation and Faction standing was gained for completing that mission. The Agent would then refer players to 1 of 60 (15 per Faction) Career Agents for more advanced training on the various careers available.

Basically, the incorrectly named ‘Tutorial Agents’ didn’t give any instruction or information to new players other than refer them to the Career Agents. The old ‘Tutorial Agents’ were actually Political Liaisons for their specific Faction. Those 60 Agents were a good source for gaining a 1 time Faction standing increase.

This proposal has 2 different options, 1 simple and 1 complex, for the 60 Tutorial Agents (15 per Faction) and their mission called ‘The Endless Battle’.

Option 1 (simple):
Bring the old ‘Tutorial Agents’ back out of retirement and change their Title to ‘Political Agents’. Have them continue offering ‘The Endless Battle’ mission with a slight change to their ending dialog so they don’t refer players to the Career Agents (Currently done by Aura NPE).

Option 2 (complex):
Have the new ‘Political Agents’ (15 per Faction) split up into 5 different Agent levels, 3 Agents per level from level 1 to level 5. Have them all offer ‘The Endless Battle’ mission series but have the mission difficultly and reward increased to match the higher Agent levels.

These new ‘Political Agents’ and their mission offers can only be completed once per Agent in the life of the player’s character, just like the old ‘Tutorial Agents’.

Hopefully the code is still available and with some slight programming, Option 1 could be implemented very easily. Option 2 would of course take more time and work to implement but it’s much more preferable.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this proposal.



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Why? I don’t see a reason why. I’ve been looking at the original thread’s initial post as well and there’s no reason given either. Maybe i’m missing it, or maybe it’s self evident and i’m not aware of the reason, as i never did that mission.

I’m not for or against it; i just don’t know why. So i ask. thanks!

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Yeah, you must have missed it because the reason for it is included in the Proposal a couple of times.

But I’ll make sure it’s much more prominent in the Proposal.


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Ah! i’ve read this simply as description of the agents, instead of the point.

Thanks for clearing that up!

As they can only be done once, and because having more options is always better than having less options, i think this should be added. anything that reduces tedious grind should be encouraged and if this standing boost gives an actual benefit in the real world (less grinding to reach higher levels), then it’s a good thing.

But now i have two follow-up questions:

If it’s not a boost actually giving a noticable effect, then there’s no reason to run these missions, except for enjoyment. the standings gains would be non-tangible, as in: no reduced grinding later on. if the boost is noticable, then it helps the player reaching lvl4s faster to make income.

if the “Political Agent” missions take longer than the reduction of grinding through missions later on: PAmissions + “grind to lvl4” >= “current grind to lvl4”, then there is no point to it.

So, my questions:

  • is there, or what is, or how big is the noticable effect in the real world for the player? (aka less grind = hours saved?)

  • when every new player does it anyway, while not learning anything new (as they’re political, not tutorial), then why not instead have the bonus applied to all new players right from the start, to save them the grind?


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When gaining Faction standing, the amount gained is percentage based which can be increased by level of Social skill trained which is then added to what the character has left to get to +10.0 standing.

With no levels of Social skill trained, those old level 1 Tutorial ‘Political’ Agents gave a 0.25% increase to Faction standing. Basically if a player has low positive / neutral or negative Faction standings, that increase combined with the Social skill trained up turns into a nice increase and is a great help in gaining Faction standing. Multiply that increase by 15 Agents per Empire Faction allows players to quickly and easily gain Faction standings.

Those Agents were accessible by both old and new players. However the only time they were actually mentioned was during the players first few hours in the game. Those Agents were also located alone in stations within deadend systems. As such they weren’t publicly well known and rarely ever accessed by the playerbase.

Before I created the Faction Standing Repair Plan back in 2010, I did research for 3 months and added every single Event Agent available for Faction standing increase. I then shared ‘The Plan’ with the playerbase which included those old ‘Tutorial’ Agents. That knowledge resulted in more players accessing those old ‘Tutorial’ Agents in order to repair negative Faction standings or to increase low positive Faction standings.

However as I mentioned in the proposal, CCP eventually replaced those old ‘Tutorial’ Agents with the Aura NPE and then later removed the Aura Agent as well. Now those stations in those deadend systems are empty, making those systems wasted content due to players having no reason other than mining to even travel there.

There’s been too much content removed from the game within the past 1/2 decade. My hope with this proposal is to add more content as well as give more options to the playerbase for improving Faction standings.


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good timezone!

Well, now you’ve done it. i hope you’re happy, mister! Plugged all holes i’ve found; gave good reason and a lengthy explanation; indirectly included how you always had something of a connection to faction standings, with people benefitting from that connecrion over the years and thus exposing how you actually know this stuff; making perfect sense in seeing a content hole and that it shohld be plugged and mentioning the classic “think of the lonely dead-end systems”’.

i have nothing to add, except the seal of approval. now i gotta roll into another thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thank you very much for your support…

Even though Option 1 in the proposal is easier for CCP to implement, I think Option 2 is the better choice since it would allow players more control on maintaining, repairing and or boosting their Faction standings.


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you’re very welcome, mate.

i agree. it’s good you gave two options, because more… you know how it works. they can choose between minimal effort and more effort for a better experience. whoever proposes it at the csm meetings will likely go for option two, present a middle ground and if there’s no other way, at least try to get option 1 delivered.

i think this is also good for new alphas, to push more “identity” into their heads. factions exist, therefore loyal members must exist, therefore pushing a propaganda controlled narrative in the early days (of course i’m exaggerating, but hey that’s how it works in real life), is potentially beneficial.

this isn’t player features and discussions and i’ve never figured out why there’s two places for people to propose ideas. are there any benefits from posting it here, instead of there? curious.

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‘Player Features & Ideas’ sub-forum is where players can post suggestions which are then refined with the help of other players.

‘Assembly Hall’ sub-forum is where those finished ideas are posted as a proposal for players to show support as well as be reviewed by CSM members who then hopefully bring it to CCP’s attention.