New player returning after 18 year absence

One of your lovely community reps reached out to inquire about my new player experience and post my feedback here.

I haven’t played this game in 18 years (when I last played the first Titans were being built) and I have to say that it’s both the same as I remember it and also well improved since then.

I really like the tutorial system and how it leads you along nicely.

I didn’t have a problem with any of the AIR career missions, they worked just fine and I was able to complete the Enforcer line.

A problem arose when I went to find career agents however because they would give me missions to go to XYZ destination and kill drones or whatever. I’d go to the system and kill the drones and then the mission under opportunities would update and say dock as if the mission was finished so I go back to the quest giver and then they inform me the mission is not complete? The issue I ran into with that though is that the opportunities menu only gives me the option to dock and talk to the quest giver, but no option to show me where the mission destination was so I could go back and kill whatever I missed?

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Hello and welcome back to EVE, glad you found the startup process interesting.

It’s hard to tell what exactly went wrong from your general description. Usually if you run into trouble with a starter/mission, asking about the issue in the Rookie Help channel with the name of the mission and mission number/career track will get effective help: eg. “Problems with Career mission Industrialist 5/10 Mountains out of Molehills, how do I …” .

You can also refer to the Career agents summary at EVE University, they have a page listing more information on Career Agents, including the missions for each career track:

Failing all else you can file a support ticket and ask a GM for help or to reset the mission for you. Don’t cancel the mission, because that’ll make that career agent stop talking to you.

Good luck, have fun!


Just wanted to add there’s 3 sets of 5 Career Agents for each of the 4 main Empire Factions. That’s 15 Career Agents per Faction. Also all of those Agents are available to all Capsuleers.