Cant re-accept mission

i have just started playing the game and i started the careers missions but i didnt understand what i was meant to do so i quit the mission to start it again to try find out. but now it wont let me re-accept the mission?

what should i do?

There are 3 sets of career agents for each of the 4 factions, you can do any and/or all (12) of them.

As you are a new player one of the GMs may reset the mission if you raise a ticket - no guarantees. Otherwise as Ms Steak says there are other Career Agents (three for each faction) you can restart with.

Welcome to New Eden.

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Normal mission agents will still give you missions even if you decline or cancel a mission, as long as you have enough standing. Career agents do not work that way, if you declined them they stop talking to you.

When in game click F12, help centre. Log in and create a ticket under “mission in progress” or “stuck”. Explain that you declined a career agent mission and he stopped talking to you, state the NAME of the agent. They will reset this for you, generally those tickets take 10-20 minutes or so.

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