How to Reset Agent Tasks

(Onna-bugeisha Bushi) #1

When an career agent task is locked out or becomes un-finishable, why is there no way to unlock or rest the task?

I have gotten stuck on the Advanced Military Task - The Pacifist (8 of 10)
And if you make any mistake in the task you cannot finish it as there are many high level ships now in the task and it makes the task impossible to finish for a new player.

If you decline the task you loose the rest of the tasks.

This makes the career agents very hard for a new player.

(Donkyhotay) #2

I believe if you politely petition a GM that they will most likely reset the career agents for you.

(Memphis Baas) #3

If that’s the mission where you have to fly through instead of attacking, your options are:

  1. Wait until tomorrow; the daily server reboot will wipe out the NPCs so you can get to the empty mission spot and try it with a fast ship.

  2. Create a ticket for a GM to reset the mission for you.

  3. Abandon the mission and go talk to the Career Agents from another school. There are 12 schools in total, 3 for each race. Listed in this EVE University Wiki page. The agents at these locations will talk to you regardless of your starting race; you can basically repeat the career missions 12 times if you want. That’s why CCP didn’t bother with a reset option.

(Jedidiah Togenada) #4

I messed up a couple of tasks. Once I got ganked with the mission item on board.
A request to a GM fixed them all within hours.

(Donnachadh) #5

Others are being nice, so I want to be blunt and honest you failed this one simply because you did not read and follow the instructions given to you by the agent in the mission briefing.
The Pacifist
Advanced Military Career Agent

So where to go from here.
First I suggest reading your mission briefings more carefully so you understand what you are required to do.
You can simply wait until the next downtime, most missions that have not been completed will reset at downtime.
As mentioned above you can petition the GM to reset your mission, or you can simply abandon it and the rest in the string and go elsewhere. I suggest you ask for it to be reset before anything else. No having this mission open will not prevent you from running other missions as long as they are given to you by a different agent.

When you get back to this one and all missions please read and understand what you are supposed to do. Especially the career agent missions require you to complete a specific task, and any deviation from what you are told to do will result in failing the mission.