Career agent not giving out missions

Im a returning vet who seek content and therefore I was to run the career agent thing.

Sadly it won’t give me any mission, all the agents tell me "Sorry, I have no jobs available for you. " and in the station view it says “career pat already completed”.

In the career path window nothing is completed, so I can’t figure out why I can’t run the agent.

Do I need any hardware to run it, or is this some kind of bug that prevent me from running the missions?

You’re not alone. I had that same issue yesterday.

Did anything change, did you get missions today?

I have not checked yet

The career agent missions can only be run once. If your character already did them, they can’t be done again.
You can roll up a new Alt if you really wanted to redo those starting career missions, or you could just do regular missions if that’s your thing.

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Ah I assumed this was the reason, but it would be clearer if the AIR interface in some way said so.
Thx for clarifying.

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@Maco_Mirta There are 12 locations that host career agents.

excerpt from eve uni:





If you’ve run the missions at your default location (the location that shows up in the agency) you can run the missions at one of the other locations (even if it isn’t with your starter faction.)


you can check your personal standing to an agent to see if you’ve run missions for them.

there’s 12 systems that offer career missions , 3 for each empire. you can do any of those you haven’t done yet.

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This is also a nice way of getting a small but not insignificant amount of standing with each of the factions to. You get a bit for each agent you complete.


Wery Sadge, hope its fixed soon.

So, there’s actually two places you can find career agents. In the career agents section of the agency, it will only show you the default career agents for your race/background. However, if you go to the agent finder in the agency, and then filter for career agents, it will show you all of them. What’s more, it will put a red “x” (or something like that) next to the agents you’ve already run. Thus, you can easily who’ve you ran, and who can still run.

And, just to reiterate what others have said:

  • You can only run each set of career agents once, but you can run all 12 sets.
  • Yes, they do give you a nice boost to faction standing, as you can blitz an entire set in about 2 hours.
    • Recommended ship: t1 kiting destroyer with a good align and hyperspatial rigs fit. You don’t need any tank, and don’t need to do a whole lot of damage (168dps rail gun catalyst one shots a majority of stuff). You will have to do some burning, but not an excessive amount. Thus, an AB is fine.
    • Recommended order: Exploration → Both combat agents at the same time → Both Industry/trade agents at the same time
    • And, if you’re going to run more than one set, you might as well and scan down and get 11 copies (or however many you need) of the proof of discovery documents, all in one go (you will need the gas passkey to get into gas site, which is given when you accept exploration mission 5). This will allow you to complete exploration missions 3-5 for the other agents without even undocking.
    • You don’t have to worry about bringing anything else, as all the required items will be rewards from other missions, or easily purchasable from the station’s market at a very cheap markup for vets (well, aside from the civilian shuttle that you need to build, but that literally takes 5 minutes, and the trit for it will be easily procured).

So, as a returning vet, if I already completed these missions prior to the Air Program, there is no way for me to complete these missions and obtain the rewards (SP and skins)?

Do I have that right?
if so, any plans to either credit what has been done, or unlock it to do the missions?

Submit a ticket and see if the GMs will reset them for you

Will do. Thank you.

Hey, I’m interested in if you had any joy getting them reset ?


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Shouldn’t need them reset. Just find a group you haven’t already completed. I doubt you’ve gone and completed all three careers agents for each career, for each faction - that’s 12 versions of the same career path.

See what Shipwreck wrote above - Career agent not giving out missions - #11 by Shipwreck_Jones

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