Help with Complete Entrepreneur Mission 2

Hello still new here but not sure what I am doing wrong. In the AIR Career there is a Complete Entrepreneur Mission 2 and it’s at 0/1 Completed. When I speak to the Level 1 Career - Industrialist - Entrepreneur (who has a white speak icon) he only says come back later. He will not give me any mission.

I could possibly be talking to the wrong person? Or this might be a bug or I am just not understanding something. Can anyone help me out with what to do here?

Thank you.

Are you at the station where the agent is located? What happens when you close the dialog window and try to speak to the agent again? Is there any other mission you need to complete first before you can progress? Do you have negative standings towards that agent?

You can find another agent here: Career Agents - EVE University Wiki

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I had this happen with the Enforcer mission. Never did get it to work but I did it from another agent at a different location. You could try contacting support, I never tried that.

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Yes I am at the station the Career Agent is located at. And my Standing is 3.24 I think that is at least good(?)

Thanks for the link to other agents. I’ll give that a try, as the other person stated, maybe I bugged this one up or something.

If you declined a mission, they will not talk to you again. You can F12 in game and request a GM to reset it

Try a new location, that is by far the fastest solution. You can travel in any ship, I use to grab my venture, its turrets also accept guns.
Actually the career agents are quite nice to new players, but they don’t like wrong clicks like “decline”.

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Going to a different Career Agent worked and now I was able to complete Entrepreneur Mission 2. Thank you all for the help and advice. This excursion also helped me to find specific sites in the Map screen. So all good. :slight_smile:

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