Strange problem with "the agency"

let me see if i can explain…
when i was first getting started, i made the mistake of declining a tutorial mission from the exploration agent. because of this, she won’t let me re-start, she just keeps saying “i have no missions for you”, even though the tab on the “start conversation” area is white, suggesting that she IS available.
the problem is that “the agency” has gotten STUCK on her, and SUGGESTS her EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE AGENCY TAB!
i’ve been having this problem since i re-joined recently…
but just today i got another problem: i let a mission offer expire, and the “contacts” list won’t let me remove that expired offer from my contacts list…
and The Agency has gotten stuck on that as well and keeps Suggesting that expired mission!
please fix this, or tell me how i can fix it!

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Hello and welcome back to Eve.

If you ever get stuck in the game, file a Support Ticket and CCP will usually respond and or fix the issue very quickly.

As for the Career Agents, there’s actually 15 Career Agents (3 sets of 5 Agents) for each of the 4 main Factions. All Career Agents are available for access, even the ones in other Factions.

Here’s a list of all Career Agents and their locations.

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The Agency is a newish feature and hasn’t yet proven to have any value at all. Whatever you’re looking for with the agency, the are better tools elsewhere, so you might as well get used to using the better tools. What exactly is it that you’re looking for?

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