Replaying Career Agents?

I wanted to replay the career agents mission (especially Exploration) and thought to myself I just fly to the nearest one. Checked the E-Uni wiki, flew there, but I couldn’t talk to any of the agents. Flew to an Amarr career agent, same thing. Flew to “my” career agents (Home System where I started the game) and two of the three were available.

Can I replay the career agent missions? Or did they change this and you can only replay your starter factions career agents every three months or something?

There are always 5 career agents in all the 12 stations, not 3. The career agents are not situated at the home station, but 2 systems away.
This is the complete list (EVE Uni).
In the tutorial systems, you can find normal agents, but no career agents.

Once you visited an agent and completed all his missions, this char cannot repeat these missions. But as there are 12 sets of career agents, this char can repeat the missions 11 times.


I think the only way to do all the career agents again (after you have already done them all) is to request to have them reset by the GM’s.

Or create a new toon and start again.

that too, but considering they do help with standings, some people want to run the career agents to help with standings.

I tried to get a mission reset for a career agent that bugged and was informed by a GM I am not supposed to do other factions careers and he will not reset the mission for me

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