Allow resetting career agent Progress Once a Year

Right now, the Career agents can only be done once in the lifetime of the character. These career agents can be used to provide a small boost to faction standing. As such they are useful for repairing negative standings woth hostile empires. Having them reset once a year should prevent them being farmable, while allowing you to repair them again for anyone who has hurt their standing. Besides that, returning players can also complete the same career agents again to relearn the basics of the game if they want to.
The rewards for these career agents are quite small, so they are not worth farming for isk

Thats why you have 15 agents to preven farming or a chance to relearn. I think under certain circumstances ccp will reset them

IMO, the career agents need to be redone. They’re not very effective at teaching game mechanics.

There’s a few things they attempt to teach, but most of the missions are effectively L1 security, mining, or hauling missions that pay out a good chunk of cash.

Imagine having a career agent mission set that actually told people how to tackle, how to use the dscan to track down a target, how to fit a ship, how to join or form a fleet - and the various mechanics involved in being a member of a fleet. Perhaps some of that should be handled in the tutorial, but the career agents could certainly use work.

Also, the mission rewards should be moved from the agents to the air career program. That way, it doesn’t matter how often they’re run. The mission window can have an extra reward section for air career rewards (mentioning how those would only be for the first time the agents are run.)


Yup, the career agrnts don’t really teach you how to fight in pvp, they should also teach you how to trade in markets, for example putting in buy or sell orders to get better prices in stead of immediately selling or buying the product.

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