Career Agent Tutorials

Hello, been a while since I’ve been on Eve, just came back for a gander after a long while. I’ve forgotten everything so I’m doing the career agent stuff now trying to familiarize myself with it all again. The new opening tutorial is great, however I’m now a bit lost half way through the careers agents.

I’m sure there was a tutorial system explaining how to process ore and manufacture things etc, are those no-longer in the game or is there some secret way of accessing them now?

Edit: I’m aware there’s various versions of these on YouTube etc but I’m just wondering if the in-game one is still there.

Its been changed and such, but the career agents should explain how to process.

and do manufacturing…

Not as far as I can tell, it just says “I want these things, here’s a blue print” :confused:

Seems rather silly they would remove those, I don’t understand why they would without replacing them. Which is why I assumed I need to “turn them on” somehow.

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well R click on an ore or mod that is in your item hangar (not ship cargo) will give you the option to reprocess, and right clicking on a BP should give you the option to use it as well.

Yeah I found a bunch of YouTube videos that explained it but it seems odd they would remove them, why would they?

I don’t remember any hints how to reprocess, I did much reading, and all the career agents were offering was text and blueprints.
But there’s many parts in EVE that are very hard to understand in game. Youtube, fellow roamers and corpmates were very helpful in that situation.

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