New player experience

This is my first time playing eve, and its disappointing when i have to search youtube on how to complete the explorer career agent mission 3 of 5, there is no explanation on how to use core probes at all ( movement of them, where to find the scan for them, how to recover, change radius’s of scan etc) in the tutorial yet your asked to use them in this mission, maybe stretch out the number of missions for the explorer agent and add in those essential parts of what a new player is missing, such as use of probes, how to use data analyzer etc. just my 2 Cents from a new player, as far as the other career agents went there was no problem, just this one has me scratching my head

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I managed to work it out because I know how GPS works. I guess it’s different person to person.

i think hes more talking about launching moving and scanning with them. The buttons are all Icon based

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yes, im talking about interacting with the drones and movement, none of which is clear for a first time user, its all trial and error

This may help:

I think there’s also a link to this video ingame, in the agency somewhere. Scanning is hard to explain in words, a video does it better.

He’s figured out how too do it, his point is the same point new players have been making close to a decade.

The exploration agent is more frustrating than helpful.

i wish i had known this video existed, it would of helped immensely

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