Feedback on the NPE

Created my first character in a year or two and decided to go through new tutorial i’ve been seeing advertised / promoted

It’s pretty great! the UI is introduced in stages, there is highlight elements showing which of the buttons do what. its great!

But then i got to the stage where it is suggesting a career agent. That was pretty great too, accepting the mission, guiding the player on how to get to the next station 2 systems away, no problem at all with that… and then with zero info or guidance or pointers it says

“undock, make sure sensor overlay is on and look for the training site”

after going so well with explains, guides and pointers. it throws out something a new player has no reference to and says to use it to find what to do next… it could of at least pointed to the probe scanner or at the very least, an in-space pointer to the site explaining what the icons everywhere are.

anyways, i finish that and go to the next step… which says

Mission briefing
Now you’ll start scanning for each type of Cosmic Signature, something you can only do by using Core Scanner Probes.

First up is a Data site, and that means you need to fit to your ship the Civilian Data Analyzer you picked up earlier. Scan down the site with your Scanner Probes, find the container inside and hack it open with the Data Analyzer…

“just scan the site with your probes” no mention of the probe window, no mention of fitting the probe launcher or that the probes are like ammo that go into it… no mention of how to scan or where to look for the information.

There’s a section of the forums for exactly this.

Ccp wants players to find things out, and apparently that counts with the tutorials, thankfully, that drops you into rookie help, to ask questions.

CCP Aurora had also said that Career Agents will be getting reworks too. So things will probably mesh together more completely in the future.


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