How to use scanner probes and probe launcher

I got a magnate recently, and a few probes. I want to try the exploration career agent so please help me. Thanks.

If you are going to be successful in this game, you are going to need to learn to do some research on your own. Eve University has some good descriptions of how to do scanning. There are also plenty of YouTube videos.


well I will certainly try.

Also, said career agent actually ‘teaches’ you how to use them

Has the Exploration CA script changed in the last few months? It certainly didn’t give any kind of instructions on scanning when I was doing it last. It shows you the site types, gives you a launcher, and teaches you to hack, but utterly failed at explaining how scanning worked. I don’t think it even highlighted how to access the scanning window…

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Yeah, the scanning agent used to be the most confusing.
I had to watch some scanning tutorials on youtube to understand what we are supposed to do.
This looks kinda official: Tutorial Eve Flight Academy

thanks, but exploration looks too hard and confusing for me now, I guess I will do some advanced military first. Thanks.

@Random_Rick - Scanning in general opens up a lot of interesting aspects of the game. It will only be confusing for a little bit, like many new things. It actually isn’t all that complicated, just looks that way.

Learn probe scanning and combat probe scanning. Learn D-scan (directional scanner). Just those things will be fun multipliers for you.


Oh thanks.

google “eve +exploration”

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