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Hi, I am new here. Try to play Eve but got some problems. I have finished tutorial, finish first career, start with the second one, exploration career. I am at point 3 of 5. Need Scan down and hack a Data Site.

I fit my ship with Core probe launcher and load core scanner probes. There are 4 data containers, but I can’t hack any of them. When I lock it and use the analyzer, it says it’s not a valid target for the module. So change Civilian analyzer and put a Data Analyzer I and a Relic Analyzer I. (someone says that civilian fits only with tutorial)

Well… done the same thing before, approach anomaly training, open a pop up wih an incoming transmission says I am in the right place, find training container, approach it. Scan with analyzers. After scanning a pop up open and says: your attempt to access the training container - anomalies failed this time. I can open cargo and see inside the proof, but ater put in my cargohold nothing happens (i think becouse no mini game opened)

So try to scan again, i read that I need to find Data Training Site… well… I am not able to find them with scan (find but they don’t work)

I think I do something wrom, but I don’t understand what !!!

please help meeeeeeeeee

thank you so much

most probably you moved out of range
Your data analyzer has probably a range of 5000m, if you move away from the can, this is counted as a failed try

i don’t understand the “I can open cargo and see inside the proof, but ater put in my cargohold nothing happens (i think becouse no mini game opened)”
If you can open the can it is because you alreday hacked it via the minigame, so what are you talking about?

Thanks for your answer.

When approach training container, and scan it (close to it) I can click on the box and open cargo, just only to approach, even I don’t scan it. I can take the proof of discovery, even any minigame (as minigame i mean Hacking minigame) but when I put in my carghold nothing happens.

I find this instructions on

Objective: Scan down and hack a Data Site.

Fit a ship (e.g. your shiny new frigate) with a Core Probe Launcher and a Civilian Data Analyzer, and load Core Scanner Probes into your probe launcher (drag them onto the fitted probe launcher in the fitting window). Normally it’s a better idea to use an exploration frigate for, well, exploration, but for the purposes of this tutorial any ship will do.

Undock and launch your probes (click on the probe launcher), then open the Probe Scanner window and the Star Map, or use the “Map” button on the NeoCom), and resize the windows so that you can see both at the same time. Don’t forget to reset the filter on your Probe Scanner window to show Cosmic Signatures. Next, [position your probes around the solar system and scan] until you find a Data Training Site. Once you’ve resolved the signature to 100%, warp to it (by right-clicking on the signature in the Probe Scanner window).

Once inside the site, look for a “Training Container”, approach and target it, and activate your Civilian Data Analyzer module. This will start the hacking minigame: explore the board by clicking on the green circles until you find the System Core. Once you’ve disabled the System Core, you can open the container and loot its contents. Recover your probes (there’s a button for it in the Probe Scanner window) and return to your agent’s station - even though this happens automatically when you dock, it’s still a good habit to get into.

after reading that, I set scan to find Data Training Site, but I am not able to find any

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So sorry, my english not very good :frowning: it’s difficult to explain for me, I am new on this game so try to understand how it works

i try to figure out what you mean

when you approach the can, you target it, lock it, activate the data analyzer
then the mini game windows opens up
then you click on the nodes following the rules you find on the net (learning to use bonuses, which traps you have to deactivate quickly, where the core is usually located etc)
when you have found and destroyed the core, then you can open the can and take the loot

There will be several types of training sites. Each has a unique Proof of discovery. Anomaly training sites don’t need to be scanned down and hacked - you visit one of them in the 1st exploration mission.

The 3rd mission requires that you scan down a data site. Proof of discovery from other sites will not complete the mission. Scanning is a skill and will require some practice to master. Launch a spread formation and analyze. Results should look something like:
Right click the best data training site and ignore other results. Should now look like:
Center your probes on the signature and do a pinpoint scan
It may take a bit of practice but you’ll get a hit you can warp to:
Recover your probes before warping.

Good luck


Just only one problem: no mini game. Nothing happens, mini game windows doesn’t opens up :’(

Thank you so much !!!

Finally I’ve done !!! Thank you so much Do_Little for your pics !!! So usefull for me !!!

And thanks to you Wyk_Bathana for your help !!!

Hope to return the favor one day <3



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