Explorer Career traiing help (Data scan 3 of 5)

I don’t know what I am doing wrong here, but I have been stuck for hours now on this. I am doing the adta scanning for the career path and I need to get a proof of discovery.

I have a ship with a core launcher, 8 core probes and a civilian data scanner. I go to my scanners, launch the probes on a target, it goes from red to green. I warp to the container, orbit it, lock on to it, and then when I try to scan with civilian scaner, it say you can not use this to scan training missions or anomalies ?! I thought that was the mission. I am obviously missing something here.

Additionally, I just noticed, when I am using the scanner, the training site still says ‘training site’, should it say data site?

Old video but mechanics are the same.


Ok, I think I know what my problem is, I just dont know how to fix it. I can’t turn the Trainers to data point. I an 100% on with my problem, they just say ‘No scan signatures detected’.

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