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I have come back to Eve after a long absence, and I have been running missions to get myself back up to speed. This level one exploration mission is driving me mental!!! I am supposed to scan down an ore site, warp to it, and find proof of discovery. Easy right!? The only ore sights I can find are “remnant sites” and none of them
are training sites. I warp to them and find nada. I’ve been scanning over and over and no training sites. Any help would be appreciated.

Okay, the first exploration mission actually wants you to warp to a site called “anomaly training site”. This is a combat anomaly, and not a combat signature. That means that it doesn’t have to be scanned down, and will automatically appear in your scanner window -assuming, of course, that you aren’t filtering out combat anomalies. So, make sure those are set to displayed.

Thank you for your quick response, i appreciate the help. I tink we may be talking about different missions. i should have put this in the original email so here it is now.

Ore Site Scanning

Mission briefing
So far you’ve proven you can discover a Cosmic Anomaly with the On-Board Scanner and that you understand in basic terms the difference between Cosmic Signatures. Now we’re going to retread the steps you just took in more detail and have you properly scan down one of each signature type. This will demonstrate to us that you not only have an understanding of the different signatures, but also the skill to find each of them. Remember – you can only find Cosmic Signatures by using Core Scanner Probes.

Your first task is to discover an Ore signature somewhere inside this system. You will only find the target site in here, so don’t waste your time searching anywhere else. This is not a real asteroid cluster you are looking for, rudder Andedare, it is another controlled training environment, so there will be no hostile vessels inside and the asteroids themselves cannot be mined for profit. It is hidden though, just like a real one would be, and will need to be scanned down. This won’t be easy, rudder Andedare. Expect a much harder challenge than On-Board scanning. I’m confident you’ll get the hang of it eventually though, just be patient and I’m confident you’ll find the site. Once you have managed that, your only task is to recover another “Proof of Discovery” document from inside. It will serve as physical evidence that you discovered the area.

Take this passkey with you when you begin your exploration, you will need it to access the second room of the area with the “Proof of Discovery” documents inside. Obviously, we only want capsuleers-in-training to be able to get that far.

Ore Site Scanning Objectives
The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:

Bring Item Objective
Acquire these goods:

Granted Items
The following item was granted to you when the mission was accepted

The following rewards will be yours if you complete this mission:

Bonus Rewards
Bonus no longer available. The bonus time interval has passed.

Hints and tips for Ore Sites

  • The lower the security status of a system, the better the ore you can find in such sites.
  • Ore sites often have better ore than asteroid belts.
  • In real, non-training Ore sites, you can expect pirates. They might not always show themselves immediately too, so be careful. Sometimes they will wait until you start mining.
  • If the asteroids inside a site are mined out, the area will obviously no longer be detectable to scanners. No asteroids, no signature.
  • Asteroid clusters shift over time. They will never remain in any one position for very long. Most miners agree that the time period is approximately three days. After that, signatures tend to vanish as debris and other slowly drifting matter obscures them and prevents a clear scan.

Here is the agent info:

Agalle Vacoloure  Division: Exploration Career Path 0.9 Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy Effective Standing: 1.1 	

Thanks again. Hope you have some insight here because this is driving me nuts.

Did you accepted that mission years ago? Well, you can’t finish it now because that mission no longer exists. And that’s why you can’t find the correct site.

You’ll need to petition to restart the career agent missions. Good news is that the GM’s are usually pretty quick about helping newbro’s out with this kind of stuff.

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Yeah, that mission was replaced with a Gas Site scan at the end of the series - the progression currently should be Cosmic Anom site (no scanning), Cosmic Sig intro site (scanning), data site (scanning and data hack), relic site (scanning and relic hack), and gas site (scanning, pass key required to gate).

No wonder!!! Thanks i thought i was losing my mind. I knew i wasn’t that bad at scanning!!

Thanks again!

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