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Dear all,

Bit of help if you don’t mind - I’ve returned to Eve after a rather major hiatus (approx 8 years away), and looking to gain some inspiration with some solo game-play. Exploration took my fancy, so took off in a Stiletto into NullSec space, re-visited some of my old home systems and wanted to dig up a few relic sites.

Fitted Sisters Core scanner and probes, plus a few other bits, trained skills to the following:

Astrometrics: 5
Astrometric Acquisition: 4
Astrometric Rangefinding: 4
Astrometric Pinpointing: 4
Hacking: 4
Archaeology: 4

Now, I can’t really remember scanning properly, so I hope my method is the flaw here. Anyway, find somewhere quiet, launch probes, click Scanners --> Probe Scanner - YEY!
Start at 16 AU and place on the centre of a Cosmic Signature’s axis, scan, repeat moving the AU size down to 0.25. Each time moving my arrows so the entire axis is bang in the middle of my signature.

in 0.0 with any Relic Site I’ve found so far, I can’t seem to get past a signal strength of around 85%, meaning I can never warp to the damn thing.

Latest attempt, RA-NXN, Relic Site, 84.6%, with a Scanning Difficulty level IV (whatever that means!?) - don’t worry, I’m not going to stay here much longer and let someone ruin my night even more - #chuckles

Am I doing something wrong?
Is my ship the thing not letting me win? (do I need something different?)
Surely it can’t be skills related?
Did the same thing in a 0.4 and found a Relic Site quick.

Yes, I’m a noob with this, so please let me down gently.

Thanks for any kindness.

If you open the in-game F12-menu (just hit F12), go to the Tutorial Videos tab, you want to watch the Exploration videos.

You are not really doing anything wrong, but there are a few things that could help you improve your scanning capabilities:

  • Use an Exploration Frigate: Probe, Magnate, Imicus or Heron
  • Use a Pirate Faction ship with bonuses for Scanning: SoE’s Astero (Frigate), Stratios (Cruiser), Nestor (Battleship)
  • Use a Covert Ops Frigate: Cheetah, Anathema, Helios or Buzzard
  • Use a Strategic Cruiser (T3C) with the Covert Configuration (Defensive Subsytem)
  • Use Scanning Modules (Mid-slot):
    • Scan Acquisition Array: Reduces Scan Time.
    • Scan Rangefinind Array: Increases Scan Strength.
    • Scan Pinpointing Array: Decreases Scan Deviation.

If your Scan Strength is around 100 you will be able to scan down every Relic Site you come across, even most Data Sites with the only exception being the Superior Sleeper Cache. You can find your Scan Strength in your Probe Scanner window, I think(?), or you can open your Fitting Window and “Show Info” on the Probes in your Probe Launcher.


Thank you for this - really helpful info

Interesting, so you can have a higher scan strength above 100? Now I have even more goals on my plate!

Currently, with ship, mods, and skills, I’m at 88 point something, and I figured the max was 100. And yup, the strength can be found in the Scanner Window.

With an Anathema Fit like this

Exploration Anathema - Max Scan Strength

[Anathema, *Simulated Anathema]
Damage Control II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Zeugma Integrated Analyzer
Scan Rangefinding Array II
Scan Rangefinding Array II

Sisters Core Probe Launcher

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I

Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

you can get around 140 Scan Strength

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Guys. Sorry about my English but I am still learning it.

For null best ship for exploration is ceptor.

So just check this 3 points.
Firts 88 probe scanner strength is ok for 4 stage of difficult site. Just change shape of probes to almost Sphere. If you reach perfect sphere strength will drop down.
Second. Stiletto is perfect for null. This ship fitted for less then 2 sec warp time will save you time and money.
Third. I think you have to reach 5 level of hacking for relic sites. It will save lots of cans because of relic analyser ii bonus. Better bonus has zeugma analyser but price :slight_smile:

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You forgot the most important module on the Amarr covert ops.

So does the Raptor, the Ares and the Malediction.


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