I'm a noob risking it all... Low sec exploration 2 times now it does this

I’m a noob F2P about 2 weeks with exploration in my blood, ( edit : lust happen to me a second time in 2 different area)

I’m flying a probe with

I’m trying to scan this relic but it’s jerking me around between 82.5% an 83%

I zoomed Has much as I could
Did everything right but still could not go higher then 83%

Here is my Ship… your impressions please ? And anything I could do better to get higher then 83%?

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Can you post your relevant skills? Also, in the fittings window, you can Copy To Clipboard and then paste your fit here- that will make it easier for people to see the specific modules rather than the screen shot of the fitting window.

Lastly, what was the difficulty of the site? The probe window should show you. If it’s a IV, you will probably not be able to get that without good skills and specialized probes.

Damn your right IV is there anything lower then IV in Low sec? I’m trying to do this but I’m getting attack faster then I can make money

Focus to get your frigate’s skill to 4 - that would get you some scanning strength.
Get your exploration skills that affect scanning up.
Swap Scan Acquisition Array to Scan Rangefinding Array.

Do all of the above and you might have a chance to scan difficulty level IV sites down on an Alpha T1 frigate.


@Ms_Steak has laid out everything that I would suggest. I believe you will have anoms that are lower that IV in LS, but they will not be worth as much.

Also, do whatever it takes to get a cloak on that thing so you can at least scan in relative peace :slight_smile:

use sisters core probes

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Alphas cant use Cloak, at all.

Too expensive for an alpha that lost most of their ISK.

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Maybe try wormhole exploration? Lower level wormholes…

Can be pretty dangerous, but seems not much more than you already are encountering.

Learn to use Directional Scan (D-scan) as there is no local chat in wormholes to let you know if someone is in there with you (until and if they say something, then they’ll show in the chat window)

Cloaking sure is useful…


You can buy implants which help with scanning, I believe the lower percentage one are fairly cheap.

You can also manually adjust each probe, so when you are down to the lowest probe size, you can get the probes even closer which may help.

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Can’t worm hole cause No cloak since I’m F2P it’s an “Omega thing” IT’s making it a lot more dangerous

By saying that you are just building barriers for yourself.

It is quite feasible to do sites in WH as alpha and they are no more dangerous than in LS. You can hug WH while you scan and jump back to HS in case of alert, or make yourself a safe spot and use DScan for suspicious activity - combat or core probes that are not yours. Ninja gas harvesting on alpha also works without cloaks. The only problem with WHs for explorer - there are a crap ton of gas sites so finding relics/datas can take a while.


Thanks I never saw it that way. I get blown up quite alot exploring low sec but it pays better but always coming back to home space is tiresum I got destroyed by a PVP “Pirate” under 1.5 seconds. He arrived and boom and then killed my capsule… it was painful lol I do about 5M and loose 1M to recreate ship so about 4M an hour on F2P

True enough, although those gas sites are good isk for a newbie in a Venture when relic and data sites are sparse.


That would force him to pay for Omega.

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wormholes are safer then low sec and pay way better

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You can’t get lvl 4s as alphas.
Wholes are a waste of time.

You can make 30million isk an hour playing project discovery.

Your whole strategy is inefficient.

Low sec isnt for you

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No one does that. Ninja gas is shiz without skills. You’re better off doing distribution and ratting missions in a t1m0 frigate that can do 100km targeting and 85km drones for lvl3-4 ratting lvl dps…after about 6 days alpha training.

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Theres nothing worth doing for an Alpha to scan lvl4s.

You need an astero with sisters probes and probably need the implants which are a waste of implants and isk.

Then after 50mil in crap to scan a lvl4. You see that big fat 30mil can…and lose it because your hacking/relics is ■■■■

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Your probes can be too close and lose signal. You don’t want them all on top of the target.