I am scanning down a site (standard sleeper Data site) in High Sec, doing the standard thing, keeping repositioning the pinpoint formation and decreasing the range every turn.
At a certain point, I reach 85.x%, using the minimum of .25AU. The map maximum zoomed in. I keep scanning but I can’t get beyond this percentage. All that happens is that the site moves a little to the left or right at every scan and one moment it’s 85.4%, then 85.1% but never beyond this.


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i’ve found that raising the scan radius can help get that final percentage… also depends on your skills to.


If you move the probes in tighter in the pin-point formation and centre it over the anomaly then you should get a better hit - this is “crtl + mouse wheel” rather than the “alt - mouse wheel” use to change the range. You don’t want them all in exactly the same place as they need to triangulate to the target, but having them all much closer can help.
It’s a pain having lower scanning skills because some anomalies become very hard or slow to nail down.

The probes get a better reading on the location if they are nearer to the target - so it’s a matter of clustering them much more closely together than the normal pinpoint spread. Hopefully that makes sense.

The alternative is train the relevant scanning skills a bit more or go for Sisters launchers and probes (which are a bit expensive for a new player).

If this is a Sleeper site and you’ve not tackled one before then you seriously need to read:
Standard Sleeper Cache - EVE University Wiki as they are tough things with a lot of “made a mis-step and died” potential.


Scanning sites (i.e. signatures) show scanning strength levels. For Level 4 signatures, you need a really good gear, else scanning down the sig is just impossible.
When hovering over your probe launcher (or click for information, not completely sure about that), you can read out the actual scan strength of your setup.

This reddit discussion explains some mechanics.


Sleeper caches require exceptional high scan strength (something >100), much higher than normal relic/data sites.

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I believe you need a scan strength of 103 or higher to scan those sites down. If you like scanning, it is well worth investing your SP in the scanning skills. They certainly make exploration faster and more fun.


ok… forget about those… LOL

right on thanks for the link @Pierre_de_Bricassart

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