Scanning Down Sleeper Sites

I regularly do Limited Sleeper Sites and Ghost sites when I find them but Standard and Superior Sleeper sites have eluded me for only one reason. I can’t seem to scan them down completely! What am I doing wrong. I’ve got scan probe strength of 110. I should be able to scan these down according to the guides on EVE Uni. I can get the Standard sites down to 98.9%. Usually the Superior ones I get down to about 93-95%. Does deviation make a difference? Mines at 0.075AU.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!

Have you tried adjusting the probe launch formation?

I often can squeeze out a couple extra % by bringing the tight formation at smallest range even closer together. Try to experiment with it!

(If I recall correctly, you can do it by alt dragging or ctrl dragging the probes. Save the new formation for easy re-use.)


Oh yeah. I didn’t even think to do that. It worked like a charm. Got it right away as soon as I did that. Thanks!

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