Superior sleeper cache, cannot scan it

I have:
Covert ops 5
Astrometrics 5
Astrometric rangefinding and pinpointing 4

Was in a Helios, with tech 2 launcher and sister probes, and 1 rangefinding module. Cannot scan more than around 89%

Am I doing something wrong or do I need Astrometric rangefinding 5?

What’s the actual probe strength? (You can see it at the top of the scanner window.)

At a glance, to increase your probe strength, you could try:

  • Upgrade the launcher from T2 to Faction. (The Sisters version)
  • Get some scanner implants.
  • Train Astrometric Rangefinding to V

You need more than 120 Scan Strength to manage to scan it reliably.

once you are at minimal probe size, use ctrl + wheel to reduce probe distance.

Also, for scanning a dedicated scanning ship is prefered.

FYI I can scan them in a 136 str anathema, but not in a 104 str stratios.

Practical example - in Stratios with scanning strength 104 exactly, I get only to to 99%. But I’m unable to get to green warpable 100% no matter how I reposition probes manually.
When I add one mid slot improving scanning strength I get to 113 roughly and I have no issue to scan this site. But last scan on 0.25 AU is with manually repositioned probes (hold ctrl and drag the bubbles)
You don’t need any more skill point training to what you already write that you have. Just add scanning rig or mid slot module. Helios has plenty of room for that.
Do you plan to go in the site in Helios ? Not that is is not possible to do some parts of it, but is is ballsy. I like it!

Scanning strenght >104, and manually position the probes.

All skills at V;
sister launcher+ sister probes;

is not enough.

If I remember correctly, you need a bare minimum of 109 probe strength to be able to get it to 100%, however it will be difficult to do so, I’d recommend that you have a minimum of 120 probe strength. If the usual equipment, T2/Sisters Launcher, Sisters Probes and ship bonuses, isn’t enough you can try adding a Scan Rangefinding (Mid-slot) in the mix to get the last strength you need to get a lock on it.

Thank you, I thought with the last updates probes did not need repositioning, also I did not know about sisters launcher, only about the probes.

And I have been using the Helios with the same fit for so long, I actually forgot I could refit it with more than 1 rangefinding array :slight_smile:


I actually thought I was limited to 1 per ship.


with 3 arrays T2 I can reach 142 str with sister probe/launcher.

Useful info: if the container at the entry of the Superior Sleeper Cache says “no further tools needed to access”, do not enter the site in a frigate, it was already visited, and you get blown up…

okay so.

If the can is opened, that means somebody entered it already. If the sig is stil here, he did not open a can(open a can makes the sig disappear from probe menu).

now two possible things :

  • first room is solray
  • first room is sentries

if solray, this means … I guess he is still in the site. if sentries, you still have the time to warpout, or even to take the acceleration gate.

Just use d-scan to check if somebody is there. If sentry room was failed you better have good buffer tank. Sentries can single shoot frigate. Cruiser is safer option.

next time I open one, I will force the 16 sentries and bounce to check if I can warp in sentry and take accel gate before sentries hit me.

I know that some entries have instant lock.

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