Npc mining corporations Scan fail Help?

Hello guys

i try to scan a Npc mining hauler down so i can warp to him! but everytime i get 100% on him on scan and try to warp i get this message ??

No scan signatures Detected?
What am I doing wrong?

The probes need to overlap in order to triangulate. having a single probe cover a point is not sufficient. You’re going to need all 8 probes to not just cover a point, but do so closely and tightly.

Ohhh thanks i will try :slight_smile:

Also, always use pinpoint formation when you are trying to lock onto something. Only use spread formation when you’re using combat scanner probes and getting an idea of what’s around you (other than signatures); once you know what you want to lock onto, then you switch to pinpoint. On the most difficult sites you might switch to “Near-Perfect Sphere” formation, which unfortunately is not a default preset (but can be saved as one) but can easily be arranged with one of the modifier keys (forgot which one but some combination of Ctrl/Alt/Shift) to get the probes to overlap).

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