Scanner Probe formations

I know the defaults are meant to be good but not the best so i was wondering if anyone knew of a better formation for combat probing. system wide or pinpointing whatever ones you know

Personally, I use a Pinpoint formation with probes grouped tighter together than the standard formation. Works well for exploration up to 32 AU and combat probing when you know your targets are close around you.

I have not used a spread formation in ages.

read something about a “cube” formation but i’m having a hell of a time visualizing and setting it up in game

Looks like this. 1 probe per corner of the cube. I don’t see the benefits, though. I may have done something wrong but I had more issues pinpointing a signature than with my pinpoint formation.

Close in, if you’re pinpointed right, that cube will eek out a few more % scan strength. The main advantage of a cube formation lies in combat probing though. At a 32 AU diameter it has no center probe, so will not be spotted on d-scan.


Makes sense.

your explanation helped a bit though i don’t see it reflected in the screen. trying to set one up now either i’m doing something wrong or this is a nightmare of UI/controls

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