Oh where,Oh where is the D Scan turtorial?

Just asking,…


Good question, noticed there isn’t one in the f12 tutorial videos so not sure if there is an official tutorial from CCP about direction scanning. Only thing I can think of is the EvE University one plus maybe some others on youtube depending on preference. Maybe it’s something they could add into the tutorial videos and also for the NPE.

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Good idea. There are some good ones on YouTube, but I find the best practice is trying to catch wandering Triglavian fleets in perimeter systems as they warp madly around between structures, planets, and belts. Have to be quick to get to them first and while they are still there. Cannot count the amount of times they warp out just as I arrive. My d scan ability and use has greatly improved…enough so I have entertained thoughts on branching out activities :wink:

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it’s called faction warfare

This helps a little.

D-scan is SO important to PVP LONG before this blackout. If I have everything scanned down in a sys/WH before you get there, I can find you with only D-scan if you stay there long enough. I’m rusty at it, but trust me, there are others who are very proficient at it.

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