D-Scann improvements

I like to ask CCP to put a auto D-scan key on the window that we can Auto scan around every ‘exp: 5min,1 min ever 10 sec’ over and over until i turn Auto D-scan off :mobile_phone_off:
tnx CCP

no. no to automation.

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Great idea! Maybe you could even have a setting that automatically warps you to the nearest friendly citadel once a ship appears within 1AU, and another for automatically doing so when your ore hold gets full, and another for warping back to the belt after you automatically drop off the ore, and one for preventing you from making stupid ideas, and maybe one last setting for automatically automating the entire settings process.


D-Scan is already one of the strongest tools in the game, you are going to have to work hard to show it needs a buff.

dude i didnt mean like that you imagine but we have auto pilot right ☞

you mean that thing that is so much worse than manually piloting the first things most people tell new players is to never use it?

I guess we can make an auto d-scan ping but cap its range to 1kkm

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Sure, but lock auto-Dscan to the lowest range or widest range but smallest cone angle.

yes yes to automation.

I know that constantly masturbating d-scan feels like essential part of game.
It is not.

Yet automation should have a price. I suggest using some function of d-scan range, width and cycle time. Eg range/14au * angle/360 * 60s/cycle time = 1

Also some ships (interceptors) should than get role bonuses for d-scan to preserve offensive d-scan use

It is in this case. D- scan requires being active to off set its power.


Role bonuses for dscan range could be cool. But offensive dscan use is alive and well.

Automating the game, boring.

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You never used d-scan to find targets? You need instant feedback with bid range and width to find target before it warp to safety.
There is too small time to scan all anomalies with narrow angle so range is used to divide possible locations by half (and so on).
If automated d-scan would be 1 scan/minute this will not be possible. You need 1 scan/second

Ooh yeah no. Just do it manually.

Again with great power comes a great trade off.

You also don’t need to spam V like a mad man either

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might be you dont believe me but i use ‘Auto pilot’ many times and i know many ppl use it too when they are traveling in high sec with shuttle or carrier, or … and it is not worse, anyway but no one use Auto pilot in low or null sec right ? i dont want give a recipe to Auto D-scan but i think it can get improvements.

it is though, it is far, far worse than flying manually.

can you please give me the name of the person who is moving through High sec in a carrier?


I like a 10 sec refresh rate on d-scan when in low or null. I get it by mashing the keyboard shortcut.

Automated dscan would be equivalent to a continuous sweep radar, extremely powerful.

Manual dscan, the way it is now, allows for pilot error (not dscanning enough) and reduces his safety window - which is a good thing for the game overall.

If a powerful feature such as automated dscan were introduced it would have to come with downsides, for instance traceability like we have with cyno’s, perhaps in a different format, no combination of cloaks and automated dscan, or perhaps the opposite and allowing for easier decloaking of such ships, etc.

A madly pinging machine could be another pilot error, an obvious trap or a deterrent - iow it could add more content. On the receiving end there could be a problem of instant intel - how would the potential target be alerted to the presence of an automated “pinger” and how accurate would the info be.

Perhaps because it doesn’t seem all that obvious how to implement this, it could be interesting. Maybe it’s even a thought for a new ship class. Anyway, because the dscan is such a powerful tool it may give access to new mechanics and new tactics if carefully balanced additions were made.

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