Automatic Dscan

In this far off future of clones and space ships and faster than light travel, is there a way to set dscan to just auto ping every 5 seconds?

Manual radar is an…interesting idea i guess. Just seems like an arbitrary limitation that makes no sense given the technology level of the setting.

simply : NO


It makes sense from gameplay perspective. Like it makes sense that the auto-pilot feature comes with severe drawbacks (e.g. does not warp to 0). This is a game for players who have to invest in their safety and efficiency not for bots and AFK people.


open thread …

here you can read why it’s a great idea and a bad idea

so you must conclude there’s in-game reasons that make sense , correct ?


Personally I’d hate using an automatic dscanner. Imagine seeing a result, but then your directional scanner automatically refreshes the ping again and removes the previous hit with ship names and types that you just didn’t have enough time for to see.

At least with manual dscanning I can keep my dscan result for as long as I want, instead of having it all rewritten automatically ‘every 5 seconds’. That’s barely enough time to copy paste all the results into a dscanning tool to provide intel for your alliance about enemy fleet composition!

If we get an automated dscanner refreshing the results every 5 seconds, we’d need automated logging of d-scan too, to make it workable. Maybe an automated warp-out-to-a-safe too in case your automated directional scanner had a hit? What about an automated play-eve-for-me button?

Let’s go back to the initial question:

I’m not entirely opposed to an automated directional scanner.

It could work in this game, as long as it has sufficient drawbacks that make it much less preferable than the manual action, similar how auto piloting is an option but has it’s own drawbacks. And it definitely should give the player enough time to see and read any results.

Automatic dscan:

  • pings automatically
  • every 30 seconds
  • in an angle of 90 degrees
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Absolutely not.
It is your responsibility to d scan and keep yourself alive, don’t need to dumb it down.


I’d not want it for the simple reason that I need to decide for myself about when d-scan is refreshed.

The setting would argue in favor of lots of automation. But at the end of the day, it’s a video game that needs to provide fun mechanics for the players. If that fits canon should be a secondary concern.


While I would think that would be great from a Real life implementation, this would open the door to abuse by bots who do nothing but exploration sites all day.

Additionally it would be rather annoying for individuals who need to constantly change from sphere to cone when tracking down things.

You can use this:


Why would they waste code when they can get you to do it ?

So they’re going to implement something that every player knows is useless, just like Auto Pilot that’s so bad it shouldn’t even be in the game.

I can see them doing that. After all, we’re supposed to adapt to every quirk that comes down the pike. I can already only play EVE for a couple of hours before I get headaches and nausea so the Dscan is optional in my case.

It’s much better to bot, right?

Technological or physical nonsense in EVE? You must be kidding!
Just carry on pondering, and you will find out we are actually not talking about space flight simulator but a somewhat complicated board game on an electronical platform.


Yes I completely agree, I started my own thread about this and had some pretty interesting arguments against it. I would argue that manual dscan is akin to manually reloading your weapons.

Imagine if in EVE online you had to manually reload your weapons. The arguments brought forth by those opposed to automatic dscan apply almost perfectly if you swap out the idea of automatic dscan and imagine a parallel universe where players of EVE online were arguing for the implementation of automatic reloading weapons; something we take for granted and is unquestionably a worthwhile quality of life thing in the game.

To go one step further, I look at a competitor to EVE Online, destiny 2. They did something similar to this request of players like you and me for automatic d-scan… they implemented an option in the settings menu to allow all weapons that normally fire semi-automatically to instead be fired fully auto when you hold down the trigger. Imagine if players in the destiny 2 community argued that it was “dumbing down the game” or “a waste of code” or “catering to lazy players” - well anyway, thankfully Bungie is not listening to such nonsense arguments because this little option is wonderful in terms of quality of life, reducing wear and tear on mouses/gamepads, and reducing strain on players with arthritis such as myself.

I really think an automatic d-scan is something that would IMPROVE eve online. Those who argue against it sound as logical and rational to me, as those would in a parallel universe arguing against the implementation of automatic reloading weapons in the game.

I disagree about your global approach (improve the whole game), because there’s different playstyles.
But as always, the Newbro section is not the right place for that kind of discussion.
We’re here to explain the existing rules and try to show how EVE works to new players. So we stick to the rules, as long as they are not changed, and sometimes vigorously defend them against all kinds of “why doesn’t EVE work that way?”.
If you feel like changing, you’re welcome to discuss here:

You lost me when you compared Eve with that utter garbage pile D2, my god man you should be burned on a stake!!!

Ignorance is bliss :slight_smile:

That “garbage pile” company was purchased recently for 3.6 billion dollars. Compare that to CCP which was acquired by pearl abyss for 425 million. I think it’s very valid for me to point out some of the good decisions Bungie has made, because they are a very successful company and I would argue the value per dollar spent on their game … is quite good. Some of the things Bungie does is worth emulating in other video games. Not EVERYTHING!, but some things are.

I never said the company was garbage, I said “the game” was a garbage pile. To put D2 and EVE on the same que card of comparison is not reality as D2 is an FPS that competes with other titles in a different forum.
Eve is an mmorpg of sorts. I played D1 extensively and D2 was absolute rubbish compared to it.

What CCP should do is bring back DUST 514 and put it on pc only. That was an excellent game that should have been on pc since day one.

Anyway please do not dumb down D scan.

I agree with this, but I don’t agree with the idea of d-scan being “dumbed down” it already is dumb as hell. It takes 0 skill, it’s as monotonous as the intro to the stanley parable.

Don’t be superficial, DScan can be a powerful tool if you know what you do. It’s only “dumb” and “monotonous” if you don’t care about the possibilities.

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Between angles, filters and ranges, dscan can do so much more and give a lot more information than when simply ‘being pressed every X seconds’.

Calling dscan ‘dumbed down’ sounds like someone has not figured out how to use it beyond pressing the dscan button.

“Calling dscan ‘dumbed down’ sounds like someone has not figured out how to use it beyond pressing the dscan button.”

Sounds kind of insulting. The only reason the word “dumb” was used by me was because the previous poster said

“do not dumb down D scan”

And I would argue that the act of manually pressing the V key every 5 seconds doesn’t require much skill or intelligence, so there isn’t much to “dumb down” on that front. Here let’s try something else.

Step 1. Set a macro with a little bit of time variance to automatically input the “v” key

Step 2. do everything else as you guys just said, adjusting angles and ranges on d-scan.

It’s only dumb and monotonous if you don’t care about the possibilities?

Guys just look at step 1. It’s STEP ONE that’s the issue! Nothing else about d-scan is the issue. It’s the fact that you have to manually press the V key to update it.

Is it a bannable offense to set up a macro to automatically activate the d-scan every few seconds? If people could do that then maybe everyone can be happy.