Automatic Dscan

Here let’s look at this.
Let’s set weapons to auto lock and fire on everything that is not blue or purple.

D scan is where it should be, a tool to be used when you need and want it.

We should also tell the computer to automatically go to optimal range. The autopilot also needs some upgrade. In the end we just sit there watching Aura do the work vs another Aura.


Great idea!

And an opportunity for CCP to sell upgraded ‘T2’ and ‘Faction’ Aura licences in the NES with small upgrades like faster response times, better orbital pathing and such.

A month of ‘Officer Aura’ for the small cost of 5000 PLEX would make you the envy of your entire corporation, and of your enemies with basic auras that your aura will outplay with ease due to superior module and heat management.

Gold Aura and when they’re at it could also introduce Gold Ammo or use one of my earlier ideas:


By the way, every ship from Titan down to Capsule actually does have a permanent scan: Source Article

In the outer HUD Circle, you see the direction to several kinds of items in space. A nice way to find out what’s up in a system.

Thank you, I rest my case.

Thank you, I rest my case.

You have no case.

As far as I’m concerned, there are two reasonable arguments against an automatic D-scan.

  1. Server load.
    Maybe implementing automatic d-scan would put too much stress on the servers? That’s just speculation though.
  2. Catching people with their pants down.
    Automatic D-scan would make it harder to catch people with their pants down and blow them up in pvp.

I am actually agreeing against auto Dscan, if you check my stance through this thread.

Again, I rest my case.

That’s how that kind of argument usually goes: Automatic resfresh of DScan

Only over here in the Kindergarden we’re reaching the 30 posts threshold.

Yeah, the smart people that want to be smart outsmarted themselves trying to be smart.

I’m out.

dumming down is removing human error . being distracted , complacent , forgetful …

mult boxers could have an alt continuously dscan windowed , while the main does a more intensive task ie hacking or probing .

it’s player decision how often to dscan to make you feel safer . your efforts , for the level of situational awareness you desire .

making players safer , for less effort , is what you’re asking for .

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dumming down is removing human error . being distracted , complacent , forgetful …

That’s actually a pretty good argument.

making players safer , for less effort , is what you’re asking for .

Not necessarily. If I’m already doing the task, I won’t be any safer by having it become automated. It’s a quality of life thing. It’s like having to twinkle to your nose and tap your heels together three times before you can check your phone. Yeah it’s not like making you jump through hoops but after awhile it’s just…

it’s not fun. Let’s put it that way.

Dscanning, keeping an eye on your overview or your local chat in order to stay alive doesn’t need to be fun.

Staying alive is more fun than dying.

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Not entirely sure about that: Sometimes it is more fun to die in a glorious fight than sitting on the station the whole day because there’s too much scary traffic in the wormhole.
But that’s a highly individual lesson.

Another argument came up the other day: Losing focus because of an automatic gadget can be really annoying. Leaving the chat window while typing a message or losing a mark in the overview for shortcuts makes me swear and curse, that’s for sure.

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neither is looking both ways , before you cross the street … :roll_eyes:


from a personal note, i have the use of one hand and a certain amount of automation would help me

auto-dscan would help in but an adjustable timer 5 secs to 3 mins

Fleet mining
while doing data and relic sites in wh and null

so for the sake of the post i am for for a limited auto-dscan

not everyone as has hand that can they can use

You can probably remap the dscan key to something easier to reach.


already done that but need to use mouse constent

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Just imagine the server strain in a TiDi fight with all those ships D-scanning automatically…

I can smell the smoke a continent away.


Yeah no,

The only people that would benefit from an auto-dscan are those that want to dock up at the first sign of anything, like a bot. This would be very detrimental to the game by protecting bots.

For anyone else this would be a hindrance as you would lose track of the things you see on dscan as it refreshes and would actually result in less information.

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