Automatic resfresh of DScan

What are your thoughts on this one? Honestly, pressing the key every 2 sec is extremely annoying which is main reason I don’t engage much in an activities where I would need it or I just don’t do it and accept that I might get caught.

The way this should work would be extra button which would change the mode manual/automatic. In automatic mode, if the dcsan window is currently active (obviously it won’t work if dcan is stacked with other windows and not active currently), then every 3 seconds it will automatically update as if we pressed the key or clicked on button manually. 3 seconds or even more, if needed to be, to offset the convenience of this feature opposed to just doing it manually (which can be done every 2sec or even slightly less I believe).

Is there any argument against this other than “it will help botting” ? And the botting argument is silly because bots already does this. They are not hindered by need to press a button every while.

This does sound like nice idea IMHO, after all you still need to actively watch Dscan in order to benefit from it, plus 3 seconds or more do banace it out with manual control (something like autopilot, which is slower too)…

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