Growing support for auto-matic d-scan toggle

Hello CSM and players

There seems to be growing support for a an auto-matic toggle on d-scan. Do you know if this this is something CCP has already considered or is on the road map?


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Auto D-Scan, Today!

Not in support of that. Especially since I need the dscan to stay consistent for some time to check ship names and crossreference objects. It’s far more convenient to manually dscan than to have it automatically. Another argument against this is that you would lose local chat as compensation. That would be a huge drawback that auto dscan can impossibly compensate.


Dont put it on auto then

Or perhaps a setting where you can tell it to stop automatically refreshing if it finds something

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The issue has been raised multiple times in the past. Check about halfway down here:

A CSM member (Angry Mustache) says:
" angry-mustache

2y ago

CCP has said Dscan is extremely heavy server side and that they hate it."

A dozen or so people posting in a handful of threads doesn’t mean an idea has significant support. I personally dislike the entire ambush-PvP setup in EVE (make players sit for hours in space doing boring things, so someone can warp in with a deathsquad and nuke them before they respond). And any time I consider an activity that’s going to require sitting and frantically pinging D-scan on the off-chance I’ll spot someone warping towards me … basically I just cross that activity off my “to-do” list. So I’m not a supporter of active D-scan in any way, but auto D-scan just ain’t gonna happen.

If I cared overmuch, I’d likely push for something like the introduction of a high-slot “threat scanner” module. This active module would consume cap, negate cloak, increase sig, and could be configured to respond to various threat filters with an audio tone. Give it something like a 12 AU radius and a 6 second check window, so it’s effective but not as effective as an active D-scanner.

With some decent coding, CCP could cut way back on the server load by keeping a short list of ships with an active threat module, and ships that match their filters in-system. Then it only needs to check proximity of matches on those lists every 6 seconds and you’re done.

In the long run though this is really less about “making targets safer”, and more about giving them an illusion of security so they actually get out in space and do something where they can be a target.


I love how 7 people basically saying “I guess that would be ok” is somehow massive support. Its not gonna happen.


I love how someone interpreted growing support as meaning massive support.

And just because a mass amount of people support something does not mean its a good thing.

Its possible directional scan will never get better based on what @Kezrai_Charzai mentioned

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If I don’t put in on auto after I lost local because of you dumbos who want it on auto, I’m shooting myself in the head, basically. :slight_smile:

It’s up to you whether you’ll have automatic scanning turned on or not, maybe? What kind of illogical comment is this?

Why have something implemented that even if toggled off, when someone or more people appear on grid causing mini tidi. You gonna be ok with that?

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Yes I will

Making a post to pretend there is a growing support instead of posting in the already present threads is spam.

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The primary use case of auto-dscan is to afk/alt tabbed mine in a WH while watching chattertube or playing helldivers (possible to do all 3 at once if you are creative).

additions that have a primary benefit of making afk activities safer are harmful.
Any and all attempts at bringing in these sort of harmful additions should be thwarted, and the ones trying to better reward such harmful additions should be mocked, chided, and randomly suicide ganked on principal for their part in trying to make the game worse overall.


nah fam, they speak the truth…

True. But automatic d-scan is a good thing, too good for EVE players it seems. New Eden has the technology of a WWI bunker.

It’s not.

Dreg Apc, speaking of „should be banned“ and long-lived memories, and since you seem determined to go down that road, do we need to bring up the time you talked about „If someone makes a (heinous IRL act) joke at you, make a (heinous IRL act) joke right back?“

Have a nice day.

The obvious solution is for CCP to simply remove Dscan along with always displayed local chat. :slight_smile:

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