How much server capacity would it take to have D-scan automatically update every x seconds?

I’ve been manually mashing the V key on my keyboard a lot while playing lately and I think this is a good opportunity to improve the quality of life of players, and implement some toggleable option to have D scan automatically update every “x” seconds.

They would have to use power from Local and Overview systems. No more Local, no more Overview. Imagine the sh- storm.

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That would be unplayable.


Without even going into the whole “ I don’t want to play the game and just want it to do it for me” ridiculousness of this post, rebind it to the space bar. Makes it much easier to hit and can do it from more finger positions.

Ok I couldn’t not go into it. Why even have d-scan at that point? What a terrible lazy idea


That’s a personal attack.
Just because people want to improve the gaming experience, does not mean they don’t want to play the game.

He’s correct that this is annoying and a game design flaw. Claiming that’s required for having fun in the game, which is what you are doing, is a mark of stupidity.


That was helpful. And in terms of “I don’t want to play the game and just want it to do it for me” is crazy. We already sit there and let weapons automatically cycle and reload. You can go into the other direction and say we should have to manually fire the weapons with a keypress every time. Imagine pressing a button on your keyboard every time you shot your guns, rather then having them cycle automatically. It would be tedious, monotonous, and just unecessary. Similarly, pressing a button to Dscan regularly is tedious. Is it necessary? I don’t know. That’s why I asked about how much server capacity it would take to make it an automatic cycle.

Let me give you another example a real life one. I’ve been also playing Destiny 2 and recently they added an option in the settings menu for players to be able to hold down the trigger key and it will make single firing weapons like hand cannons fire on full auto. Why? Here’s a list

  • Arthritis
    -Quality of life
    -Ease of Use
    -Hardware wear and tear
    -It made players happy
    And I’m sure people could come up with more reasons.

It’s not a bad idea. To say this is about “not wanting to play the game” really is insulting and unecessary.


Because we need some ways of skill expression! If you cannot keep pumping your D whilst hacking a box then you deserve to get in a mess.


technically impossible to answer. fact is , some players used bots . some of those bots were set to constantly hit dscan . that was causing excessive server load , so ccp implemented dscan cool down .
giving auto dscan option to every character on the live server would certainly have a worse effect , even with the cool down time .
it would also be misused , to intentionally cause lag or even node crash .
while it’s not asking the game to play for you , it is absolutely asking the game to make you safer in space . humans forget , get distracted , or simply cba to regularly dscan .
any mention of arthritis , rsi. etc. will link to the old story of a man banging his head upon a wall . when asked why , he replied “because it feels so good when i stop” .

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Are you saying that people who get harmed from using a bad UI are responsible of the game being bad ?

Would be used and abused and only serve to further bot and afk gameplay…

if something you’re doing, is harming you, and you can stop doing it. and you don’t stop doing it, then you must accept responsibility. unless you’re a child and don’t know better …


So you’re actually saying that people who get harmed by a bad UI design should stop the game instead of complaining about how bad it is ?

This is nonsense.

If we accept that thousands of players hitting scan constantly can cause server to get laggy or crash, then automatic D-Scan doesn’t change anything in this. It can be done already without it., this this argument isn’t valid.


Bots already can do this. The annoyance to press a key is not a factor for a bot. They are already there and they already profit from constant DScanning every 2 seconds. Bots wouldn’t use automatic DScan at all assuming this auto DScan would be slower (like I suggested in my thread in player ideas section of the forum), they would still use the manual scan which is fast because again - the need to press a key every 2 seconds is not a concern for a bot.

As for AFK gameplay, if you are AFK then you cannot benefit from automatic DScan, you are away from the keyboard and screen so this brings 0 benefit to afkers. Thus this argument is also invalid.

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context is important , m8 . you left out that ccp made the cool down claiming dscan was causing performance issues .

?? Did you read my post? What do you not understand. If DScan is, when spammed simultaneously by thousands of players, causing issues leading to even server crash, then you can already achieve that result with manually pressing the keys. If you gather what, 5k players who will spam it nonstop for hour?

If we get automatic dscan, and this automatic mode will, as I am suggesting, have longer cooldown, then nothing changes about this. Except you need more than 5 thousand players to achieve it.

I don’t see how is this problem. I don’t think that players will have this activated when doing an activity in which they weren’t pressing dscan manually before. Not only because they probably never needed to see ships around them, but beccause the constant “drumming” is not very pleasant to hear over and over.

yes that’s just theory based on ccp claim of performance issues . can’t be proven unless they automate dscan . can’t be disproven unless you can get two large fleets to spam dscan while fighting…
the main point of my post , was automating dscan removes human error , removes an advantage for active play , and makes pilots safer in space .
if you think that’s a good thing, i support your right to your opinion.

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It isn’t a flaw. My guy if you’re too lazy to press v or rebind, you deserve death :smiley:

Hell I don’t even notice the constant v pressing :smiley:

I already know you the type of sweaty dude to cry in trials, this makes sense why you crying about the v key now :smiley:

It isn’t bad UI design tho :smiley: